TKO – Let It Roll [RockCandy Remastered 2016] Album

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1.Let It Roll 04:17
2.Ain’t No Way To Be 03:32
3.Only Love 03:20
4.Gutter Boy 03:17
5.Kill The Pain 03:12
6.Come A Day 03:46
7.Rock N Roll Again 04:29
8.Bad Sister 04:09
9.What In The World 04:51
10.Introduction (Live) 01:22
11.Rock N Roll Again (Live) 04:37
12.Bad Sister (Live) 04:20
13.What In The World (Live) 04:33
14.Gutter Boy (Live) 03:30
15.Kill The Pain (Live) 03:38
16.Only Love (Live) 03:19
17.Let It Roll (Live) 05:11
18.Ending (Live) 00:56

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