‘The Bachelor’ Fans Furious After Retracted GMA Announcement

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Bachelor Nation is even messier than usual this week, and fans have just about had enough.

The last straw was some fans waking up early for the announcement of the 2018 Bachelor, which was supposed to happen today on “Good Morning America.” GMA tweeted that it would happen, but then the tweet was deleted and no announcement was made.

“Bachelor” creator Mike Fleiss had retweeted the GMA post. He had also been teasing “shocking news” about “The Bachelor.” After that initial “shocking” tweet, he followed with more on Thursday, Aug. 31:

Ok, SIT by for truly shocking news regarding #TheBachelor

— Mike Fleiss (@fleissmeister) August 31, 2017

Hoping to make unbelievably shocking announcement today regarding #thebachelor. Waiting for final approval…

— Mike Fleiss (@fleissmeister) August 31, 2017

GMA later posted a tweet around 10:30 p.m. ET on Thursday night. It was retweeted by Fleiss, then deleted. Here’s what it said:

But then … nothing happened. No announcement. Fans questioned what happened, in some cases angrily:


— Jessica (@JessicaBowdoin) September 1, 2017

GMA lied to us, they didn’t announce the new bachelor. So upset

— Angela Eschete (@AngelaMEschete) September 1, 2017


— Shelby White (@shelbywhite28) September 1, 2017

So….. @fleissmeister the Bachelor GMA announcement you RTd last night that no longer exists pic.twitter.com/WcT2qJ3p88

— Kels 🌼💯💪❤ (@zaynlove2016) September 1, 2017

gma tweeted they were revealing the new bachelor today then deleted the post????? now i’m curious and i wasn’t before… i need to know

— Mary Kathryn (@fly_likea_BYRD9) September 1, 2017

The more you build this up the closer I am to boycotting the show.

— Maita (@maita_bella) September 1, 2017

@fleissmeister so your just going to get everyone hyped with an announcement about the bachelor on GMA then delete it the morning of… pic.twitter.com/DRzQHPnWyM

— BrittBritt (@BrittBerk22) September 1, 2017

well the sudden halt on revealing him as the next bachelor on GMA seems fishy 👀

Peter & Cheryl as a last minute pairing? pic.twitter.com/g8AehDb11U

— carlos 🐍 | 28 days (@crikeysquad) September 1, 2017

@fleissmeister DONE waiting!!! @GMA Was supposed to announce the next bachelor this morning!! OVER IT

— Emily Loudenslager (@Emarie797) September 1, 2017

Got on Twitter only to see who the next bachelor is & @GMA lied. WHAT HAS THIS FRANCHISE TURNED INTO?

— Abby Draper (@AbbyDraper) September 1, 2017
Fleiss responded to one fan who tagged him:

Anyone else curious as to why @GMA didn’t announce #TheBachelor this morning? Pulled their tweet as well. What has @fleissmeister done? 🤔

— Kathy (@leafsweetie) September 1, 2017

Wasn’t me… https://t.co/pzpGeBZgrH

— Mike Fleiss (@fleissmeister) September 1, 2017
He also shared this, perhaps because one of his own previous tweets got fans thinking “The Bachelor” might actually be canceled:

Don’t worry, #BachelorNation

— Mike Fleiss (@fleissmeister) September 1, 2017

At this point it’s unclear what to think. Reality Steve had said they wanted Peter Kraus as The Bachelor and he was going to do it. But now maybe there’s a switcheroo, with a last-minute change? Was their Chosen One unavailable or something?

One of those tweets above speculated that Peter would be on the new season of “Dancing With the Stars.” But, if so, that would take him out of the running to also be “The Bachelor,” since DWTS runs from Sept.-Nov. and that’s the usual “Bachelor” shooting schedule, too. Us Weekly said Bobby Brown just pulled out as a DWTS cast member at the last minute, so what if they just called Peter at the last minute and he went for DWTS over “The Bachelor”? That’s pure speculation.

So now fans are still waiting to hear this “shocking news,” and hoping it’s not more shocking than actually waking up to watch GMA for nothing.

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