Say Hello to ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Funko Pops

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What a lovely day! Funko just announced its upcoming line of “Mad Max: Fury Road” Pops: We’ve got to have a Funko Furiosa on our desks now!

There’s also a mini Mad Max, Nux (the silver-faced War Boy played by Nicholas Hoult), Immortan Joe (the masked villain), and Coma Doof (the awesome blind guy playing the flame-spitting guitar).

There will also be variations: You can get Furiosa with or without her prosthetic arm and Max with or without his metal mask. Some will be available at the Funko Shop, while others will be exclusive to Hot Topic, Target and Wal-Mart.

And you can also collect Rock Candy versions and Mystery Minis. No exact release date yet, but since they’ll be available “this winter,” we assume that means in time for Christmas.

See the whole collection here.

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