‘Saturday Night Live’ Spoofs ‘IT’ With ‘Kellywise’ & It’s Truly Horrific

Kate McKinnon gave fans Pennywise the Dancing Clown, by way of DC’s Harley Quinn, in an instant classic “Saturday Night Live” sketch.

Kumail Nanjiani hosted on October 14, and he did a great job, but it was McKinnon who stole the show (again), especially in this spoof of the horror movie “IT.”

McKinnon broke out her Kellyanne Conway and Hillary Clinton impressions for the “IT” sketch, forcing Anderson Cooper (Alex Moffat) to face his greatest fears when tempted by “Kellywise” in the sewer.

Anderson: “What did you do to your makeup?”
Kellywise: “I toned it down. … Put me on TV.”

Watch the “Kellywise” sketch:The end of the video is the scariest — that dancing! — but the sewer parts reminded many fans of Harley Quinn. McKinnon should keep that exact look on standby for the next Joker/Harley movies.

Speaking of Kate-as-Kellyanne, though, how does this “IT” bit compare to her “Fatal Attraction” parody? Wonder what’s next…

Head here to watch more SNL videos, includig Kumail Nanjiani’s fantastic monologue. SNL Season 43 continues with host Larry David and musical guest Miley Cyrus on November 4.

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