Lindsay Lohan keen to visit Kettering after 'offensive' EU vote tweet

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Actor says she is happy to turn on the town’s Christmas lights to make amends for ridiculing it on referendum night

Lindsay Lohan keen to visit Kettering after 'offensive' EU vote tweet

The consequences of last week’s EU referendum are still unfolding for most of the country, but for one Northamptonshire town the decision to vote leave has already had an unexpected perk.

Kettering found itself on the receiving end of a “fierce and offensive tweet” by Lindsay Lohan on election night, as she criticised its voters for backing Brexit.

But in a turnaround, the American actor said she would accept an invitation from the local MP, Philip Hollobone, and the Commons leader, Chris Grayling, to turn on the town’s Christmas lights.

Lohan had tweeted strong support for Britain to remain in the EU and singled out areas that had voted leave, writing: “Sorry #Kettering but where are you?”

Hollobone was so offended that his constituency had been “slagged off” by the Mean Girls star that he took the issue up in parliament, and listed the town’s distinctive qualities.

“Apart from the fact it might be the most average town in the country, everyone knows where Kettering is. It’s famous as the home of Weetabix breakfast cereal, Cheaney’s and Loake’s shoes, and Kettering Town football club has scored more goals in the history of the FA Cup than any other football team in the country,” he said.

“So would you support my invitation to Lindsay Lohan to come and switch on the Christmas lights in Kettering this Christmas, thus redeeming her political reputation and raising money for good causes?”

Grayling joked in his reply that the offer could be what Lohan needed to reinvigorate her career.

“Lindsay Lohan – as a star of child and teen movies a very entertaining actress at the time – hasn’t necessarily fulfilled her professional potential and perhaps now we know the reason why,” said Grayling.

“She should visit the fine town of Kettering and find herself returned to stardom.”

Unexpectedly, Lohan tweeted to accept the offer almost immediately, telling Grayling and Hollobone to send her a direct message with the details.

“Would be happy to light the Christmas tree in # Kettering,” she wrote.

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