‘Game of Thrones’ Wisely Cut a Finale Scene That Would’ve Spoiled Sansa’s Surprise

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Spoilers ahead from the “Game of Thrones” Season 7 finale.

That great “Game of Thrones” Season 7 finale plot twist almost had an awkward extra scene. Sure, it would’ve explained things a bit more, as HuffPost pointed out, but it also would’ve ruined Sansa Stark’s mic drop trial twist. It also might’ve made her look worse — like she really was considering killing her sister Arya Stark instead of purely reading Littlefinger for filth.

Petyr Baelish’s (“humiliating”) death scene was the result of all three Starks working together, and Bran actor Isaac Hempstead Wright revealed to HuffPost that Bran’s role initially included a scene with Sansa using his vision powers to fact-check:

“Funny enough, we did actually shoot a scene that didn’t make it into that episode where Sansa knocks on Bran’s door, and I don’t know whether they actually want to change the story, but as I understand it, Sansa came to Bran and goes, ‘Can you just look some of this up before I kill my sister?’ That kind of sentiment. Sansa just checking that fact.”

It’s a bit disappointing to think Sansa actually thought of killing Arya before Littlefinger. Better that they cut the scene completely to preserve Sansa’s ambush of Lord Baelish. If we had known at that point that Sansa had already approached Bran for background, we’d know that Bran would tell her the truth about Baelish, and the trial scene would’ve been slightly less surprising. Still awesome, but less of a plot twist for the audience as well as Littlefinger.

Maybe that scene will be among the deleted scenes of the GoT Season 7 release, when it arrives on Blu-ray/DVD/Digital. Or they could just kill it with fire. We don’t need it.

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