Everyone Is Going Insane Over the Adorable Porg in ‘The Last Jedi’ Trailer

The internet is abuzz about the new full-length “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” trailer. And while there’s chatter about Kylo possibly killing mom Leia and Rey appearing to turn to the Dark Side, what people really can’t stop talking about is the porg.

Porgs are a new creature that will be introduced in “Last Jedi.” As Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalog explained, “Porgs are native to Ahch-To, and can be found dwelling along the cliffs of the island where Luke and Rey are. In many ways, they’re the Star Wars version of puffins. They build nests. They can fly. Their babies are called porglets.” (We’re dying.)

Ever since word of the porgs filtered out, fans have been divided. Are they the new Ewoks? Or worse, Jar-Jar Binks? Others are charmed by their adorable appearance. And after the trailer, everyone may just be on #TeamPorg.

The porg is seen with Chewbacca in the Millennium Falcon. After Chewy roars, the porg squawks, too. And Twitter is loving it.

I have watched this little Porg squawk about 70 times now. IT IS HEALING ME. pic.twitter.com/Kl1HF5ykr6

— Joanna Robinson (@jowrotethis) October 10, 2017

Chewie roaring and then the porg roaring immediately after is officially the best moment in Star Wars history

— A Chris for Wellness (@cevangelista413) October 10, 2017

Just go ahead and give me the Chewy and Porg buddy cop film announcement already. #TheLastJedi pic.twitter.com/HbVPZVrLUb

— Brandon Fitzgerald (@BrandonFitzy) October 10, 2017

#TheLastJedi trailer literally could have just been the porg and I would have bought tickets pic.twitter.com/9dhL2LLiLa

— Ash 🎃 (@smile_kid_amc) October 10, 2017

If even one Porg dies, I will fucking burn the Star Wars franchise to the ground pic.twitter.com/0l7a2BtFsG

— ☕netw3rk (@netw3rk) October 10, 2017

Stop pretending you hate Porgs. You love ’em. They’re your favourite thing in fact. Porg Porg Porg Porg. Porg Porg. pic.twitter.com/iQcxpFeuF0

— David Milner (@DaveMilbo) October 10, 2017

Here you go. Now with 100% more Porg. (cc: @rianjohnson) pic.twitter.com/IOapEjXPm4

— Nick Tierce (@nickytea) October 10, 2017

This could very well be the meme that ends all memes. #TheLastJedi #porg pic.twitter.com/Mea60NrYCJ

— Karen James (@kejames) October 10, 2017

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