Emilio Estevez Is Hollywood’s Most Profitable Star, According To New Study

Emilio Estevez is Hollywood’s most profitable star … if you go back to 1980.

A new study by something called PartyCasino analyzed box office numbers and declared the former Brat Packer the most profitable of any top-billed male actor who starred in at least 10 films from 1980 to 2017. Gotta be those “Mighty Ducks” dollars.

According to the study, for every $1 spent on his films, Estevez generated $6.70 at the box office. The runners-up will also surprise you: Jean-Claude Van Damme ranked second with $4.20 for each dollar, followed by Mel Gibson ($3.50) and Tyler Perry ($3). (Perry’s latest film, “‘Boo 2! A Madea Halloween” is expected to top the box office this weekend.) “10” star Dudley Moore (who died in 2002) tied Perry with a $3 per film return.

So who’s the least profitable? Only A-lister Brad Pitt! He supposedly returned only 10 cents for every $1 spent, followed by Johnny Depp (20 cents), Robert De Niro (24 cents), Hugh Jackman (25 cents), and Anthony Hopkins (26 cents).

The study also crunched numbers for actresses, but as a representative told the New York Post, “women, unfortunately, are less likely to be the top-billed actor for a movie.” Still, of the women they counted, Rose Byrne — whose films include “Bridesmaids,” “X-Men: First Class,” and “Neighbors” — was the most profitable with a whopping $9.80 for every budgeted dollar.

She was followed up by “Girls Trip” star Regina Hall ($3.50) and Oscar winner Octavia Spencer ($2.90). Get those women more jobs, stat!

As for highest-earning genres, “mystery films” topped the list, followed by horror films and thrillers. Hard to believe, but documentaries returned almost four times more money than action films. At the bottom of the list? “Crime pictures” and musicals. (Sorry, Best Picture Winner “Chicago.”)

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