Ellie Goulding tells fan not to come to gig in Donald Trump row

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Ellie Goulding has told a fan not to attend an upcoming show after a spat on Twitter.

Ellie Goulding tells fan not to come to gig in Donald Trump row

The three-tweet, er, drama unfolded after Ellie retweeted a link to a news report about Donald Trump’s recent statements on environmental issues.

Trump, who’s in the running to be the next US president, has pledged to end America’s role in the Paris climate agreement.

195 countries signed up to new measures to tackle global warming in April 2016.

Trump also stated his intentions to begin mining fossil fuels from the USA’s natural resources.

“Donald Trump continues to say that climate change is a ‘hoax’, and that he would scrap the Paris agreement,” Ellie wrote on Twitter.

“Just putting that out there.”

She then shared a link to Time magazine’s coverage of Trump’s statements with the comment: “Who even is this clown?”

Fan (and ticket-holder) Tom Leising asked Ellie to keep her posts non-political, replying: “Don’t stick your nose into politics and make me not want to go to your concert in June.”

Ellie hit back, writing “Don’t come please.”

Ellie Goulding tells fan not to come to gig in Donald Trump row

Ellie Goulding tells fan not to come to gig in Donald Trump row

Ellie was angered by comments Trump made during a speech at a North Dakota oil and natural gas conference this week.

“We’re going to cancel the Paris climate agreement and stop all payments of United States tax dollars to global warming programmes,” said Trump.

“President Obama entered the United States into the Paris climate accords, unilaterally and without the permission of congress.

“This agreement gives foreign bureaucrats control over how much of our energy and how much we use right here in America.

“Foreign bureaucrats are going to be controlling what we’re using and what we’re doing on our land in our country.

He then stated that tapping into America’s resources would be a priority if he become President of the United States.

“American energy dominance will be declared a strategic, economic and foreign policy goal of the United States,” he told supporters.

“We have more natural gas than Russia, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia combined. We have three times as much coal as Russia.

“Our total untapped oil and gas reserves on federal lands equal an estimated 50 trillion dollars.

“We’re loaded and we didn’t even know it.”

Much of these resources lie underneath America’s National Parks, areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Trump also backs drilling for oil off America’s Atlantic coast, a practice that was stopped by Barack Obama in March 2016 due to fears of environmental disaster.

In April 2010, an estimated 4.9 million barrels of oil spilled into the Gulf Of Mexico after an explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig.

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