Dr. Tiffany Moon Reveals Her Biggest Regret of RHOD, Recalls Being “Picked On” by Cast, and Admits Husband Daniel is Camera-Shy, Plus What Surprised Her Most About Debut Season


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Dr. Tiffany Moon appeared on Tuesday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live where she revealed her biggest regret of The Real Housewives of Dallas.

Before opening up about the cast’s treatment of her during filming on season five and explaining how her family reacted to being on camera, Dr. Tiffany admitted that she regrets the time she spent being standoffish with her co-stars.

“I [should have opened] up to the ladies and let down my walls a little sooner,” Dr. Tiffany said of her regrets.

According to Dr. Tiffany, she kept her guard up for longer than she should have due to the way her castmates acted toward her.

“I felt a little bit judged in that some of them maybe didn’t like me. So I had my walls up for a really long time, until I felt safe enough around them to let them down,” she recalled. “When you’re getting pushed into pools and being picked on, you’re not going to let your walls down. It’s hard to do that when you feel like you’re being attacked.”

During another segment of WWHL, Dr. Tiffany revealed she “watched all of season four” before joining the RHOD cast in 2020 and said D’Andra Simmons was the most welcoming of the group.

“She’s like my big sister. She’s the only one who really stood up for me all season,” Dr. Tiffany noted.

As for the thoughts of her family, including her husband Daniel Moon and their twin daughters, the anesthesiologist confessed that they “don’t really like” being featured on camera.

“My husband is really shy. He’s an introvert,” Dr. Tiffany explained. “He will do the things that I ask him to do because he’s just the sweetest husband in the world but he’d rather not be in front of the camera.”

Also during her interview with Andy Cohen, Dr. Tiffany revealed what surprised her most about her first season of reality TV.

“I would say living it and then months later seeing it and being like, ‘Oh, that’s not exactly how I remember it. But okay.’”

The Real Housewives of Dallas season five airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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