Demi Lovato’s Documentary Topped 7 Million Views in a Week, and Tweets Show Fans Were Inspired

Demi Lovato fans are #SorryNotSorry they enjoyed “Simply Complicated” so much.

The documentary was released on YouTube on Oct. 17, and in the first week it was available, it was viewed more than 7 million times around the world, Variety reports. Fans got a chance to learn more about Lovato, who was candid about her struggles with depression, substance abuse and an eating disorder. So far, the response on Twitter has been extremely positive; there has been a wave of tweets commending the pop star for her open and inspiring message, including from “Glee” alum Jenna Ushkowitz.

Sigh. @ddlovato you are a light and an inspiration. Wow. Thank you for sharing your story. #SimplyComplicated 🙌🏻♥️🙏🏻

— Jenna Ushkowitz (@JennaUshkowitz) October 25, 2017

Simply Complicated truly is a career changing moment for Demi. She opened up so much that it is impacting people’s lives

— ً (@ButeraDemetria) October 22, 2017

Demi has always been my bitch, but I have a newfound respect for her because of Simply Complicated

— kourt 🌻 (@kxurtneyyyy) October 20, 2017

*Me after watching Demi Lovato’s documentary*#DemiLovato #SimplyComplicated

— 🍂Alba🍂 (@copyrightqueen) October 21, 2017

.@ddlovato #SimplyComplicated is beautiful. My sister battled addiction for years and it strikes a chord. Thank you for this. Thank you.

— Clint J Robinson (@CJMix1051) October 20, 2017

Much respect for @ddlovato after watchin #SimplyComplicated. It takes balls to be that honest & open about your life.It shows you’re human🙌🏽

— Amanda Sobhy (@itssobhytime) October 19, 2017

everyone that has/had drug issues, depression, anxiety, eating and bipolar disorder should watch @ddlovato documentary. #SimplyComplicated

— i a r a . (@Catheriara) October 24, 2017

I can’t wait to go home and spend my friday night watching #simplycomplicated….. again.

— paige (@demidevotionxo) October 20, 2017

I knew Simply Complicated was gonna have a postive impact on how people view Demi but its really so overwhelming how much love shes gotten

— alexis (@thehalfbIoodlex) October 21, 2017

A large contingent of fans are very vocally pulling for Lovato and her ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama to reunite after she revealed in the documentary that she still loves him.

Demi loves Wilmer so much i honestly think they’re going to eventually find their way back to each other but thats just my opinion

— alexis (@thehalfbIoodlex) October 18, 2017

I still think Demi and Wilmer are gonna end up getting married

— ㅤً (@alltheredlace) October 17, 2017

if demi and wilmer don’t find their way back to each other i’m suing the united states of america

— ً (@souIfullylovato) October 18, 2017

Demi and Wilmer were still in love but she had to conquer some of her personal issues. She wasn’t ready for him -> Ready For Ya

— ° (@waitinforyademi) October 17, 2017

Whatever happens for Lovato personally and professionally from here, she has inspired a lot of people and brought important issues to light.

“Simply Complicated” is streaming on YouTube now.

[via: Variety; Twitter]

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