Dan Osborne fires back after Instagram troll accuses him of using steroids

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Dan Osborne responded with the best comeback after one of his Instagram followers accused him of using steroids.

Buff Dan is a gym regular as he keeps his body looking in tip top shape, and often posts snaps of his work outs.

On Saturday, the former TOWIE star shared a video showing off his toned physique shoulders as he laid on a bench.

“We’re just getting started! #ironparadise,” he wrote next to it.

Underneath the clip, an Instagram user wrote: “Roid head and so are all u Golds gym c**** put a pin in use and burst (sic).”

Dan then fired back: “1. Never touched that in my life.. 2. I go to David Lloyd.. 3. Stop hating on people cause your lazy ass don’t wanna work hard. Get the f**k off my Instagram b***h (sic).”

His fans also came to his defence, saying they were clearly just jealous.

It comes just weeks after Dan’s other half Jacqueline blasted “vile” teens for making cruel comments about their daughter.

The actress let rip on social media after being trolled on Instagram for a picture showing her posing with her 18-month-old girl.

“I am on one today! Stupid 15 year old writing comments about my daughter on pictures of her! Go away you vile little insects,” she fumed.

Alongside the picture on Instagram she also raged about “low life freaks that have horrible things to say about innocent children.”

Jacqueline regularly shares cute snaps of Ella with fans on social media.

But she was left fuming when a profile was set up on the picture-sharing site with the name @jac_jossa_baby_is_ugly.

She commented: “#blocked #shessomuchprettierthanyou.”

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