‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Josh Sees Paul’s Game, But Is it Too Late to Stop Him?

The Meatball has finally put down his pots and pans on “Big Brother 19.”

Josh Martinez is now saying all the right things, to his teammate Christmas Abbott and to the cameras, but will he do anything? Christmas is a fully pledged member of The Cult of Paul Abrahamian. She is 100 percent playing “Big Paul,” as Elena Davies put it during last week’s jury segment. (She’d know. She played it, too.) Josh is still aligned with Christmas and Paul and it’s not clear if he’ll actually try to take action to evict Paul instead of letting him steamroll everyone to the $500,000.

Josh has been hinting to subordination for a while, but he’s always shut down by Christmas. This is similar to Jason Dent occasionally wanting to rebel and being shut down by Alex Ow. These “woke” guys still listen to their handlers.

Josh- It sucks that Christmas is not listening to me. She’s convinced that I am tripping #BB19

— Big Brother Updates (@BB_Updates) September 4, 2017

Josh- I’m not going to turn on Paul ever, but I’m also not going to play Paul’s hand. I’m going to play my game too #BB19

— Big Brother Updates (@BB_Updates) September 4, 2017

The last straw for Josh is this week’s plan. Christmas is Head of Household — only because everyone threw it to her in the most embarrassing comp I’ve ever seen — and she put up Alex and Jason. Paul won the Power of Veto, which we’ll see on Wednesday’s show. He plans to play the hero to take down Alex, fulfilling his word to her. Christmas will put up Kevin Schlehuber. Alex and Jason still seem to believe Kevin is the real target. But no. You don’t exactly need to backdoor someone like Kevin. The target is Jason.

The plan is for Josh and Raven to vote to evict Jason, while Alex (who doesn’t know the plan) will naturally vote to evict Kevin, and so will Paul. Christmas as HoH will break the tie by evicting Jason. Paul will walk away, once again, with his hands clean. Alex will know she was duped. She’ll probably be pissed at Josh for going against his word.

Josh- After this week, I think my chances of winning are pretty much #BB19 pic.twitter.com/Nh5wnVwA4n

— Big Brother Updates (@BB_Updates) September 4, 2017

Josh knows this. It’s not a good look for him. This plan is designed to be worst for him, second worst for Christmas, and beautiful for Paul. Josh has said this so many times to Christmas but she doesn’t listen. She wants to stay loyal to Paul. She insists that it’s a team move, and Paul will eventually get blood on his hands. She said Paul will get the blood by evicting Alex next, but Josh said Paul will make him do it so he stays clean. Paul had even talked about putting up two pawns next — including once using Josh’s name — instead of outright nominating Alex.

Josh sees clearly, knowing this plan is partly so Paul can cover his butt in the coming double eviction. It’s also partly “Paulmas” working together, and Josh has even called them that openly (which they hate). Josh has to see that Paul and Christmas would probably take each other to the end. He’s screwed.

Josh talked to both Paul and Christmas about it, and they tag-teamed him, with Paul even dismissing Josh entirely with crap like this:

Paul to Josh- You have got to be the Josh I told you to be week four. Just play dumb. That’s your role, that’s your character #BB19

— Big Brother Updates (@BB_Updates) September 4, 2017

Who lets someone talk to them that way?! But back to the big question: What, if anything, will Josh do? This week, Josh could theoretically tell Jason and Alex about the tie-vote plan, and get them on his side before the next HoH to target Paul and/or Christmas. But Josh doesn’t want to betray Christmas and he doesn’t even seem willing to vote out Paul. He’s half awake, half still in the Paul Matrix.

If Josh magically wins the double eviction HoH, the chances of him putting up and targeting Paul are miniscule. He’d probably just target Alex, as Paul wants. That would leave Kevin, Raven, Christmas, and Josh left in the game with Paul, and Paul pretty much guaranteed to steamroll his way to F2.

“Big Brother 19” continues Wednesday, Sept. 6 by showing the PoV comp. This eviction, most likely of Jason, will air Thursday, Sept. 7, followed by a double eviction. Maybe Alex. Maybe Kevin. Maybe Raven. Maybe even Christmas. But you can bet your fake Friendship it won’t be Paul.

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