‘Big Brother 19’ Fans Want Matt Expelled Like Chima for Breaking Rules

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When Matthew Clines is evicted from “Big Brother 19” tonight (Aug. 31), he probably won’t even be booed, never mind expelled and refused a jury seat. BB reportedly doesn’t allow live audience booing anymore (blame/thank Christine?) so even though Matt has been a disgrace as a houseguest, he’ll still head to jury and eat more cereal, which is the most he’s done this year.

BRIEF POST-EVICTION UPDATE: Yes to all of the above. There were no boos. No expulsion. Matt gets to do nothing in jury, besides continue to worship Paul and insist that Raven’s game is right up there with Paul’s.

Back to original post:

What should happen is what happened to Chima Simone, also at Final 8, during “Big Brother 11.” She broke a bunch of rules, mostly out of anger at what she saw as producers manipulating the game. It led her to be expelled, and not allowed on the jury. Her vote was given to the viewers, and viewers voted for the eventual winner Jordan Lloyd. (Yes, Chima destroyed her mic by throwing it in the jacuzzi, but the reasoning for expelling her was her repeated rule-breaking. Matt has been breaking the rules, and he’s also a total flop as a player.)Matt has no qualms about producers manipulating the game. Not his issue. BB19 seems designed for Paul Abrahamian to win, but both Matt and Raven Walton are more than fine with that. They love Paul and couldn’t even imagine voting him out. They’d be happy to lose to him. HAPPY TO LOSE TO HIM. No, Matt is just pissed that Jason Dent went back on his word (welcome to “Big Brother”!) and Kevin Schlehuber gets to stay in the game.

BB19 has been an ugly, ugly season, with so many HGs showing despicable behavior. Matt wasn’t really on that list until this week, mostly because he did nothing — literally nothing — all season, earning the nickname Mattress. He said his goal was to make jury, which he did, and help his showmance mate Raven get the $500,000. This week Matt and Raven have been fighting a bit, but Matt has saved his real anger for Jason and Kevin, getting in their faces.

That’s all obnoxious, but not expulsion-worthy. However, Matt expressed his anger by deciding to blow-off the Have-Not rules. He’s supposed to just eat slop and take cold showers and sleep in the Have-Not room, but instead he’s eating whatever he wants (cereal, obv), taking hot showers, and sleeping wherever. Production called him out on it at first, then gave up. Matt knows the penalty is an automatic vote, and since he’s leaving anyway, what does he care?

Fans are pissed, with past HGs calling out Matt’s disrespect of the game, and #ExpelMatt working up support.

Matt refusing to eat slop is a slap in the face to all fans and past players. I wish I got to eat slop!! #BB19

— Cameron Heard #BB19 (@CameronHeard210) August 29, 2017

Matt is a disgrace to the big brother game. If you can’t follow the rules kick him out! #bb19

— CALEB REYNOLDS (@CalebReynolds) August 29, 2017

Refusing to be a have not? @brittany_bb16 kicked goals until her toenail fell off and she knew she was going home. Respect the game…

— Derrick Levasseur (@DerrickL) August 30, 2017

Forget penalty votes. Matt needs to be expelled at this point. He’s broken too many rules. #BB19 pic.twitter.com/PaJDkyrLoG

— G (@Headofbbhouse) August 29, 2017

Seems to me that with Matt blatantly breaking the game rules, he should not be given a jury vote. America should have his jury vote. #BB19

— BB19 UPDATES 👁🗝🏠 (@BB19FanBase) August 29, 2017

@agrodner22 @CBSBigBrother @flyonthewallent You’ve already given warnings/penalty vote. Expel 4 repeatedly breaking rules! #BB19 #ExpelMatt pic.twitter.com/iqt6xZ3fbV

— Bonnie Rivas (@dancebonnie) August 29, 2017

Chima blatantly broke rules & got expelled. It will be interesting to see if @CBSBigBrother handles this with equality. #ExpelMatt #BB19 https://t.co/qNpfYgsBUo

— Terminally Petty 😎 (@bbvotes) August 29, 2017

3 strikes… @CBSBigBrother even dinged him repeatedly and he replied “we have already discussed this” #bb19 #NoJuryForMatt #expelmatt https://t.co/3llJAUYze0

— ROXY (@ButFirstBB19) August 29, 2017

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