Alexander Skarsgard Shaved His Head and Fans Can’t Handle It

Big Little Lies” star Alexander Skarsgard showed off a surprising new look at at an event in New York City, a shiny bald head!

He’s been photographed recently wearing a knit cap but now the truth is out there: He has (almost) no hair! Skarsgard has reportedly shaved it for a new role: Could he be playing Prince William, whom he now sort of resembles?

Well, he’s currently filming “The Hummingbird Project,” in which “a pair of high-frequency traders go up against their old boss in an effort to make millions in a fiber-optic cable deal.” So, no. He’s listed as playing a character named Anton Zaleski, with Jesse Eisenberg playing (we assume) his brother, Vincent.

Please tell me that I’m delusional and did not see Alexander Skarsgard’s new haircut correctly

— maris (@letohaal) October 27, 2017

WTFFF alexander skarsgard better win a damn oscar for whatever this movie is @TheAcademy 🤧

— Joy (@jewelsbandana) October 27, 2017

please say fake news please say fake news

— Abigail Brooks (@_abigailbrooks) October 27, 2017

Until his hair grows back, may we suggest you cope by rewatching “The Legend of Tarzan,” where his hair is worthy of being on the cover of a romance novel.

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