Teresa Giudice Shares Update on Relationship With Jackie After Their Ugly Feud on RHONJ as She Denies Being a “Troublemaker,” Plus Reunion Live Viewing Thread


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Teresa Giudice is seemingly ready to forgive Jackie Goldschneider, but the Real Housewives of New Jersey star says she’ll “never forget.”

Ahead of the season 11 reunion, Teresa dished on her feud with Jackie and revealed where she stands with her co-star following the taping.

“I always say I may forgive but I never forget,” she explained in a recent interview with Us Weekly. “I said that at the reunion. Yes I always forgive, but I never forget.”

Though the pair appeared to be on good terms toward the end of the season, viewers can expect to see the duo hash out their differences during the two-part special as they have plenty to discuss.

As fans well know, Teresa and Jackie kicked off the season with an epic, profanity-laced argument after Jackie asked Teresa to clear up the cheating rumor she spread about her husband, Evan Goldschneider. But things went south quickly when the former attorney used an ill-advised analogy, suggesting the cheating rumors were comparable to someone saying Gia Giudice “does coke in the bathroom.”

Though Jackie has since apologized for the analogy, Teresa is still convinced her co-star was determined to “hurt” her.

“I’m all about analogies, but don’t make an analogy about anyone’s child,” the Turning the Tables author stated. “She knew exactly what she was doing. She was trying to hurt me.”

Of course, Teresa is not one to back down from a confrontation, but according to her, fans will see a new side of her at the reunion.

“I think everyone’s going to see me in a different light. They’re starting to get to know who the real Teresa Giudice is,” the mother-of-four explained. “I think it started towards the end of this season too. You have to understand who I am. I’m not a troublemaker. If I have something to tell you, I’ll tell you right to your face and that’s it. It’s up to you how you handle it.”

Still, the sit-down will reportedly be explosive and full of drama, which a source revealed following the April taping.

“The girls essentially showed up to get the job done,” the insider spilled. “It was for sure explosive at times, especially when Teresa and Jackie went at it, but it’s what viewers have been seeing this whole season. …  No one held back their emotions.”

As for Jackie, she previously revealed that she and her husband Evan were “worried” about facing Teresa at the reunion because they had no idea what she might say.

“I was very worried going into reunion about how vicious it could be because, let’s be honest, you’re on TV,” she explained on Housewives Nightcap last month. “You’re not breaking the fourth wall, but you’re on TV, so if somebody says something, it’s immediately out there. So, you know, Evan was very worried too. He said, ‘What is she gonna say? What is she gonna say?’ I said, ‘I don’t know what she’s gonna say!’”

RHONJ Live Viewing – This is also a live viewing thread for the final part of the season 11 reunion, which airs tonight at 9/8c on Bravo. As the episode airs, share your thoughts in the chat below.

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Lisa Vanderpump Shares Update on John Blizzard, Reacts to Camille Grammer Defending Her to Andy Cohen Backstage During RHOBH Season 10 Reunion


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Lisa Vanderpump was confronted about John Blizzard, who played a key role in the “puppy-gate” scandal of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season nine, over the weekend.

After a fanpage on Twitter suggested that John was a “groupie” of a well-known Real Housewives reporter who recently spread a rumor suggesting PUMP Restaurant had gone bankrupt, Lisa revealed if John is still employed at Vanderpump Dogs before commenting on an old scene of RHOBH featuring Camille Grammer.

“Yuk,” Lisa replied after reading about what the reporter had done.

Then, after another person said, “Blizzard is his groupie,” and encouraged Lisa to “watch out,” Lisa wondered if it was John Blizzard who the person was talking about.

“Blizzard?” she asked.

As RHOBH fans will recall, Teddi Mellencamp claimed to have gotten information from John amid Lisa’s drama with Dorit Kemsley on season nine. The information was in regard to the dog Dorit had adopted from Vanderpump Dogs and the negative story that ultimately accused Dorit of abandoning the animal.

Although “puppy-gate” wasn’t mentioned on Twitter, Lisa did confirm that John is no longer working for her after another fan suggested he should be fired.

“Sounds like Blizzard needs to be fired if this is true — just saying,” the person wrote.

“Yep… he’s gone long time ago lol,” Lisa confirmed.

Also on Twitter, Lisa responded to a conversation between Camille and Andy Cohen, which took place backstage during the RHOBH season 10 reunion.

“Lisa Vanderpump is so nice and caring and giving and I miss her. There’s parts I understand what these girls are talking about but you can still miss somebody. Andy, isn’t it okay for me to say something nice about Lisa without them all jumping on me?” Camille asked through hysterics.

“Of course,” Andy answered.

This video of Camille saying the TRUTH queen♥️♥️ pic.twitter.com/NPeqmR6OZJ

— a (@ViIIaRosa) May 24, 2021

In response to Camille’s comments and claims against her castmates, Lisa admitted that she hadn’t seen the moment before.

“Omg I never saw that …geez… [Camille Grammer] thank you for standing up,” she replied.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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REPORT: RHONY Star Luann de Lesseps is “Smitten” With New Beau Radamez Rubio Gaytan After Split From Ex Garth, Read All About Him


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Credit: Adam Nemser/startraksphoto, Instagram

It seems Luann de Lesseps has been bitten by the love bug once again as she’s reportedly “smitten” with her new beau, Radamez Rubio Gaytan.

Luann’s relationship with ex-boyfriend Garth Wakeford may currently be playing out on season 13 of The Real Housewives of New York City, but the star has moved on with Radamez, who happens to be a former NFL player.

The countess has been teasing a new romance with a man she met in Mexico over the last few weeks, but she seemingly decided to make their relationship public as they were caught packing on the PDA over the weekend.

Shortly after, a source close to the reality star weighed in on the new romance when they spoke to PEOPLE.

“She met him at the hotel she was staying at in Tulum which he was managing and he flew in last week to spend time with her in NYC, Sag Harbor and Connecticut,” the insider revealed.

Radamez, 56, played for the Miami Dolphins and the Pittsburgh Steelers as a kicker, but he’s now working as a chef according to a separate source.

“He’s a chef and he used to play for the Miami Dolphins and the Pittsburgh Steelers,” the source told Us Weekly. “He’s tall and she likes that Euro-type guy. He’s from Mexico. He’s a quiet type.”

The new couple apparently clicked immediately as Radamez reportedly treated the cabaret star like a queen from the very beginning, leaving her “smitten.”

“They were really into each other when they first met,” the insider shared. “He was catering to her and she got special treatment at the resort. He took special care of her when she was down there and they really hit it off.”

The source added, “She really likes this guy. He’s very into her and she’s into him. He’s already asked her if he should move to New York to be with her. But she’s got her house up for rent because she wants to travel this summer. She wants to plan a trip to Europe, so maybe she and Radamez will go on vacation together soon.”

Just last month, Luann — who has dealt with two heartbreaking divorces while on the show — revealed that she’s not ruling out the possibility of a third marriage because she’s a “hopeless romantic.”

“I have been there, done that, but you never say never, right?” she told PEOPLE on March 30. “I am a hopeless romantic. I’ve been married twice and like they say, three times the charm. So, you never know.”

She added, “I’m not opposed to it and I’m not looking for it. I feel like when you’re not looking, that’s when things happen.”

No word yet if Sonja Morgan is upset about Luann’s latest relationship.

The Real Housewives of New York City season 13 airs Tuesday nights on Bravo at 9/8c.

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Mike Shouhed Admits to Sexting Another Woman and Reveals Girlfriend Paulina’s Reaction, Talks “Dark Time” in Relationship and Teases Drama With Shahs of Sunset Costars


3 hours ago


Credit: Media Punch/INSTARimages

Mike Shouhed admits to sexting with another woman after initially denying the allegations on Shahs of Sunset.

Since the season nine premiere, Mike has been dealing with a sexting scandal after his girlfriend Paulina Ben-Cohen found inappropriate texts on his phone and shared them with the entire cast. Mike claimed he was hacked and the texts were fake, but Paulina wasn’t buying it. However, the reality star is now coming clean about the ordeal as he’s hoping to move on from the scandal.

“It was a dark time. We were going through COVID, being on lockdown, and I let the anxiousness of going through that and just being bored allow me to do things I shouldn’t have done,” he told E! News on May 25. “Looking back, I feel really stupid for allowing myself to engage in that conversation, even though those text messages were for a few hours and one day that those messages happened, reliving it now feels like…like it was going on for a long period of time.”

Of course, Mike confessed to his girlfriend of nearly two years prior to speaking publicly about the matter, and he admits she was deeply hurt by his actions. He went on to say he still feels horrible about the situation, but fortunately, he and Paulina have moved past the drama.

“It just hurt her, it hurt me, it was a learning experience and I realize that I shouldn’t do that,” he shared. “I’m glad we got past it and are in a much better place now.”

He added, “I feel bad about what happened. I learned a lot from it. Because of it I grew and we’re in a much better place today than when we were when this show was being filmed.”

As for where they stand today, Mike claims their relationship is stronger than ever, but he had to put in a lot of work to get there.

“I tell you, as odd as it may seem, we are more in love than we’ve ever been,” he declared. “I groveled, I begged, I apologized and I realized that what I have with Paulina means more to me than any amount of stimulation I might have gotten from a conversation I shouldn’t have had.”

Though Paulina was ultimately able to forgive the businessman, it seems his co-stars weren’t willing to drop the scandal so quickly, which Mike explained while teasing the next episode.

“With this group, we hold each other accountable for everything we do—sometimes a little extremely,” he claimed. “In most groups, if two people are having an issue in their relationship and you have a group of friends, typically people are trying to make things better and help you overcome these issues and obstacles that you have.”

“But with this group, they wanted to get to the core of it: ‘What’s going on, how did it happen? What were the details?’” Mike continued. “So they’re a little intrusive, but that’s what I love about these guys. I just had to set the record straight for everything. So you guys will have to watch and see how it unfolds but it was just time that we had a real conversation with each other because I was tired of some of the nonsense that was happening and the chatter that was being done behind our backs.”

Shahs of Sunset season nine airs Sunday nights on Bravo at 8/7c.

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Leah McSweeney Disses Carole Radziwill For Blocking Her on Instagram, Accuses Her of Being Friends With Ghislaine Maxwell, Plus Carole Shades RHONY Cast


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Credit: Instagram, Michael Simon/startraksphoto, INFevents

Leah McSweeney spoke out against Carole Radziwill after seeing that the former Real Housewives of New York City cast member had blocked her on Instagram.

After confronting Heather Thomson about comments she made about Luann de Lesseps and the rest of the cast on her podcast on Tuesday night’s episode of the Bravo reality series, Leah reacted to Carole blocking her before spotlighting her relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell.

“This is so weird,” Leah wrote according to a screenshot shared by the Queens of Bravo on Twitter. “I’ve never uttered a word about her ever but I do have a question for her… How is the s-x child trafficking bestie [Ghislaine] doing?”

As some may know, Ghislaine is currently in jail awaiting trial after being accused of allegedly scouting teenage girls for the late Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse.

Leah’s comments come due to the fact that Carole was photographed many years ago with Ghislaine at some public events, but there is zero proof that they were close friends or that Carole was aware of the crimes Ghislaine is being accused of.

Also on Instagram, Carole shaded the RHONY cast after Heather mentioned that the ladies weren’t happy about the episode she shared, which featured Carole as a guest.

“I dropped by the Hamptons to hang out with the girls for a few days and they really had a lot to say about my podcast episode with [Carole Radziwill],” Heather wrote.

“I suppose they have to talk about something on that show,” Carole replied.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Comments By Bravo (@commentsbybravo)

As fans may recall, Heather welcomed Carole to her podcast, In My Head With Heather Thomson, in September 2020, and she insinuated that Luann had offered her not only a “joint” but also “stronger drugs.”

“I was sleeping hard [in my room] and all of a sudden I heard a knock at the door and I heard Luann’s deep voice and I got nervous,” Heather recalled. “What’s crazy was, she had brought me a joint and she said, ‘We brought you this!’ and I’m like dead asleep, I’m like, ‘Hey thanks! Appreciate it.’ And then…other things happened. Stronger drugs came out and I was like, ‘Woah!’ I remember saying to Luann like, ‘I’m not into this. I’m asleep and there’s cameras right outside.’ And I’m just like, ‘You guys gotta get out of here!’”

The Real Housewives of New York City season 13 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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RHOA’s Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker Temporarily Close Blaze Restaurant After Failing Health Inspection Due to Multiple Violations


5 hours ago


Credit: Hahn Lionel/ABACA/INSTARimages

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker were temporarily forced to shut down one of their Atlanta restaurants last week after violating the health code.

On May 19, an inspector from the Georgia Department of Health dropped by the couple’s newest restaurant, Blaze Steak & Seafood, for a routine health inspection. Unfortunately, the inspector found multiple violations that had to be corrected immediately.

According to the records obtained by Radar Online, the first violation came after an employee was caught handling raw food without washing his or her hands.

“Food handler touched raw oysters and raw salmon and then proceeded to handle ready to eat leafy greens with the same gloves on improperly,” the report said. “Moving from raw food to ready-to-eat foods is a source of cross-contamination.”

The restaurant was docked more points for failing to have certain procedures and supplies in place to deal with a sick employee or patron.

“[There was not a procedure] for employees to follow/use when responding to vomiting or diarrhea events that involve the discharge of vomitus or fecal matter onto surfaces in the food establishment,” the report read.

Furthermore, the inspector found that employees were not storing food items at the correct temperature, and bottles — including squeeze bottles — were not properly labeled.

As a result, Kandi and Todd’s restaurant was given a rating of 55, which is considered a failure. The couple closed the restaurant down for a short time to correct the issues, and it’s already back up and running.

This was likely an unexpected event for the couple as Blaze received a rating of 88 in December and an outstanding 99 back in September.

As fans may have heard, Bravo recently confirmed that Kandi is getting her own restaurant-based series that will document the inner workings of another establishment she owns known as Old Lady Gang. The show currently has the working title of Kandi OLG Project, and it is expected to follow the RHOA star, Todd, and the Old Lady Gang, which is comprised of Mama Joyce and aunts Nora and Bertha.

The show will likely be similar to Vanderpump Rules, and it will also heavily focus on Kandi’s restaurant staff and their personal lives.

For the time being, Kandi has yet to comment on Blaze’s temporary closure. Her new Kandi OLG Project spinoff is expected to air on Bravo later this year.

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Kim Kardashian Sued by 7 Former Employees of $60 Million Mansion Over Unpaid Wages and Accused of Employing Minors as KUWTK Star’s Rep Speaks Out


5 hours ago


Credit: Tinseltown/Shutterstock

Kim Kardashian is being sued by former members of her maintenance and gardening staff, and they are accusing the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star of some shady business practices.

In a new lawsuit filed on Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court, seven of the star’s former staffers — who worked at her $60 million Hidden Hills mansion — allege she failed to pay their proper wages, refused to pay them overtime, and wouldn’t allow them to take proper meal breaks.

According to the court documents per Radar Online, the attorney representing Kim’s former employees claims his clients “were not given their required meal and rest breaks, were not provided a means to record all their hours, were not reimbursed for employment expenses.”

Furthermore, the staffers claim they were hired as full-time employees, but they later found out they were actually independent contractors.

“[They] were informed by Kim they were employees and she withheld 10% of their gross wages for taxes,” the documents claim. “In reality, however, (the group) never remitted the withholdings to the tax authorities. In fact, (the group) were treated as independent contractors despite being told that they were employees.”

Unfortunately for Kim, the accusations don’t stop there as the SKIMS founder is also accused of employing “multiple underage minors” who were expected to work more than the law allows.

“[The minors] worked more than 8 hours per day and/or 40 hours per week during the period in which school was not in session,” the docs allege.

However, Kim is flat-out denying the accusations. She claims she uses a third-party vendor to manage her staff, so she believes the vendor should be held responsible.

“[Kim] is not responsible for how the vendor manages their business and the agreements they have made directly with their staff,” her rep said in a statement.

The rep added, “Kim has never not paid a vendor for their services and hopes that the issue between this worker and the vendor who hired them can be amicably resolved soon.”

Kim is also currently in the middle of a divorce with her estranged husband and the father of her four children, Kayne West.

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RHONY Recap: Leah Calls Out Heather for Remarks About Costars and Luann Introduces Her Beau Garth Much to Sonja’s Dismay


6 hours ago


How will The Real Housewives of New York City navigate this week’s episode when Heather arrives to be the whipping girl of Season 13? Heather better have brought her body armor to ward off the attacks that are coming her way. Gird your loins and let’s watch!

Yikes! We are back to Sonja shrieking nonsensical gibberish about freaking JP Morgan. Sonja wants to berate Ramona, who she feels has deserted her for fake a*s friends. She even throws in for good measure that Ramona doesn’t even have Mario anymore. Sonja really needs serious help right now, and it is really messed up to watch her lose her sh*t. Ramona wants her to recognize that the Morgans don’t support her. Sonja, who is delusional in her alcoholic haze, thinks that she has a solid financial future?

Eboni recognizes that Sonja is married to her story. She succinctly has read the room and Sonja and has made an accurate assessment of the situation.

Luann gets triggered by these alcoholic outbursts and it brings her to tears. She decides to head out to the car and text Garth on the sly so she can schedule a midnight rendezvous and be pillaged by her Viking lover.

Ramona apologizes to Sonja basically to placate her and get her to leave the restaurant, where her behavior is frankly mortifying. Sonja says, “I hate you” to Ramona as they exit the restaurant. She really means to say that she hates the person that she has become, and she can’t dig herself out of the moldy hole that she has put herself in.

Leah calls her sister, Sarah, whose mere presence is beyond annoying. They discuss their grandma and how their mom is really stressed out over what is transpiring. Leah is trying to not be a little b*tch for once, and she wants to do the right thing for her family.

Eboni is talking to her mom, Gloria, about her grandma. Her grandma is on a feeding tube and she wants Eboni to make the decision to remove the tube. Gloria wants to punt the ball and Eboni doesn’t want to accept the ball to make this tough decision about Grandma.

Ramona chats with Sonja about how she overreacted about the whole Wells Fargo issue. Sonja thinks that her daughter’s future will be affected if people don’t finance their loans through Chase. She doesn’t want to be alone and she is insanely jealous over Luann having Garth. Sonja is seeing everyone having their own life and she feels left out.

Ramona hugs Sonja, who appears to have wet her pants, and tries to comfort her. It looks like she needs some of Lisa Rinna’s spare Depends. Sonja’s family has moved to Tennessee and she feels isolated. She is taking stock of her life and wishes she had got more stock options from Chase when she got divorced. It is almost like Sonja’s ship has sailed and she missed the last call to board.

Ramona has planned a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” themed event for the ladies, which she hopes will be elegant. Leah walks in on Ramona and Luann’s conversation and Ramona shoos her away. She asks Michelle how she works for Ramona, who is a dumb bi*ch. Michelle, who is a pro, tells her that she loves her so she can disengage with this lunatic. She has enough on her plate pleasing Ramona for goodness sake.

Leah is annoyed now that Ramona is being nice to Eboni and she was ignored. She is on a mission to stir up sh*t this morning and is looking for trouble.

Garth arrives to train this bunch of trainwrecks. He doesn’t know what he is walking into. Would someone please open the darn door for him? Luann introduces Sonja to Garth. Sonja is flashing Garth while standing on the landing. She hopes by showing him her goods she can steal him away from Lu.

Luann and Ramona try to dissect Leah and her outbursts. She thinks that Leah misses social cues. Leah, who is walking around with her eye patches, is stomping her feet and acting like a surly teenager. She suffers from a severe case of arrested development.

Eboni is going to pass on the workout. She would rather take some time away from this group and recharge her batteries. Eboni takes her glam game very seriously so she will fit in well with this high-maintenance group.

Sonja is trying to work out those toxins that she has built up. It cracks me up to see how uncoordinated this group is — except Luann, who looks phenomenal. Ramona is using her exercise ball to get rid of her frustrations over Leah. Luann just wants to throw Garth down and shuck him. She is like a schoolgirl crushing on the popular quarterback.

Leah tells Eboni while they are getting their glam on that she is taking a vow of silence. I shout out a big AMEN! Ramona better not apologize because I want Leah to keep her big flapper shut.

Ramona thinks that Leah has laryngitis or some other ridiculous pronunciation. Eboni is going to translate Leah’s cues, so she has found a way to still be heard.

In the van, Sonja tells Eboni that Luann married her “bald guy.” Luann gets peeved since Tom was never her guy. She thinks that Sonja’s brain is so small and isn’t able to retain details from her past. It is really pickled with booze and has put Sonja in a glorious haze where she is still yachting around the world with John-John. I doubt she remembers he is no longer with us.

Eboni decides to interject with what she perceives as the truth. She thinks that calling Sonja a one-night stand kind of girl is demeaning. Eboni thinks she is really vulnerable and needs support, not judgment.

Eboni just can’t fathom how this group recovers from their blowups. She would hold on to stuff a lot longer than this rowdy group. Eboni will learn quickly that is how this group functions every season, rinse and repeat.

Leah, who has to make everything about herself, is trying to mime what she wants to say. She is horrible doing it and she just wants to show she has some decorum by saying thank you to the driver.

The ladies decide to learn how to shuck oysters from some nice gentlemen who have tremendous patience. Ramona — and her love for oysters — is featured in the production clips. She wants to forget they are so ugly before they were shucked. Luann thinks that Sonja and Ramona have something in common with the oysters; they are attached and crusty. LOL.

Leah decides to torment us with everything she has been holding in for three hours. She claims her angst comes from the potential loss of her grandma. Leah is now setting the scene for the ambush she has planned for Heather. She decides to even suggest that Heather might come for Eboni too. Come on now — you are grasping.

The ladies decide to relegate Heather to the lower level. I would actually feel safer if I could escape there too. They make it seem like it is being sent to the bowels of hell getting sent down there. I can’t believe production pushed Heather arriving till almost the end of the episode.

Heather “HOLLA” Thomson arrives and Sonja greets her. She wants Sonja to help her with her updo. Sonja doesn’t want to cater to her right now since she is dissing her on her podcast. Heather recognizes she is being sent to the dungeon. She doesn’t know yet that she has an appointment with Leah for her flogging later.

Eboni greets Heather warmly and is trying to give her a chance. She can appreciate how Heather asks questions about her to get to know her. Luann decides to gaslight Leah by asking about HER podcast. Leah pretends like she is tired of talking and doesn’t want to force people to listen to her senseless drivel.

Ramona is taste-testing the shots that Eli has poured. She wants him to put out a minimum quantity so that the non-drinkers don’t have temptation. Ramona cracks me up — she is saving the good stuff for herself.

Ramona’s table looks beautiful, but I am sure Michelle did it and she is taking credit for it. Heather discusses how she interviews interesting people. She owns what she said about Luann on her podcast. Leah is really coming for Heather and her production agenda is clear. I have come to the realization that I would rather Bravo kept Dorinda instead of Leah. #impossiblechoices

Heather now recognizes that she is being ambushed in the lion’s den. She clarifies how the conversation played out and she had Carol on the podcast. Luann wants to dismiss this since Princess Carol is involved. Heather owns that she said that Luann isn’t genuine. She thought they had a surface relationship, and that is some truth there.

Eboni would like to jump in and offer Heather legal advice. She would advise her to accept responsibility and not engage with this pack of mean girls. Eboni can clearly spot the set-up and wants to pull Heather’s sidebar to find out if she signed up for this crap.

Luann is having male models come over the next day so they can paint them. Leah would rather have a “shower than a grower.” She then makes a comment about how she doesn’t like it if a guy’s balls are bigger than his d*ck. Leah thinks if a man doesn’t eat your a*s then he isn’t a real man. She loves to shout out raunchy stuff to get a reaction from the group. Ramona is clutching her pearls hearing this conversation, and she finds Leah really gauche and not very ladylike for her event.

Next week, we are painting for thrills. Eboni and Luann disagree over who is more educated. Well, I guess this season is getting started now. I hope everyone is having a fabulous week, and see you tonight for Jersey!


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RHONJ: Dina Manzo Calls Out Caroline Manzo For ‘Hurting Others’ Amid Her Support for Ex Tommy After His Alleged Attack on Her and Reacts to “Thick as Thieves” Meme, Plus Daughter Lexi Shades Caroline as a “Bad Sister”


20 hours ago


Dina Manzo has broken her silence after learning Caroline Manzo wrote a letter in support of her former husband, Tommy Manzo, following his allegedly vicious attack on her and her husband, Dave Cantin.

After first “liking” a post about Caroline’s betrayal over the weekend, the former Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member responded to a post shared by her personal assistant, Luke McKibben, as her daughter, Lexi Loannou, slammed Caroline as a “bad sister.”

“For years I have sat by and watched Dina take the high road over and over. Staying silent for many reasons but mainly out of respect for family. There’s a million things I could have said throughout the years and spoken up to defend her. She would forbid me to say a word. But I can’t stay silent while others continue to talk to help keep their relevance,” Luke wrote in his message, according to a screenshot shared by Comments by Bravo.

“You will reap what you sow. And I find this extremely fitting after all they are your most famous words,” he continued, along with a meme of Caroline and Tommy that said they were “thick as thieves.”

After seeing what Luke had written, Dina said that while she would “normally” ask him to delete the message, she was done staying quiet about her sister’s behavior.

“I’m starting to think some just expect us to stay quiet while they continue to hurt others… that’s what gives them that ‘power,’” she explained. “I’ll say it again… it’s not ok to take kindness for weakness.”

“Plus if I don’t laugh at this point I’ll just continue to cry. I love you,” she added.

Lexi also left a comment on Luke’s post, which read, “Someone had to say it.”

In another screenshot shared by Comments by Bravo, Dina was seen responding to a meme shared by the Bravo Gypsy on Instagram.

“Caroline outside of my house after seeing my meme defending Dina,” the message read as Caroline was seen looking out the window over her SUV.

“It really does help to laugh about this whole thing so THANK YOU because this literally made me LOL,” Dina told the fanpage.

In addition to responding to Luke’s Instagram post, Lexi also took to her Instagram Stories, where she shared a couple of telling messages about her aunt, the first of which included a meme.

“Dina Manzo is sitting back watching the Bravo fans realize what a bad sister Caroline Manzo is,” the meme read.

Then, with a second meme that included the phrase, “Thick as Thieves,” Lexi wrote, “Literally.”

Tommy is accused of hiring a man to assault Dave in 2015. He’s also accused of breaking into Dina and Dave’s duplex with another man, proceeding to beat Dave with a bat, and stealing pricey rings from the couple.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 11 reunion, part two, airs Wednesday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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RHONY’s Ramona Singer Accuses Sonja Morgan of “Making Up Stories” About Her and Suggests She’s “Disloyal,” Reveals the Biggest Spender, Plus Live Viewing Thread


22 hours ago


Credit: JOHN NACION/startraksphoto

Is “Frick and Frack” no more? During a recent interview, Ramona Singer took aim at her longtime best friend, Sonja Morgan, and teased an upcoming falling out on The Real Housewives of New York City.

While playing a game of “Spitballs Superlatives,” Ramona accused her castmate of making up stories about her before suggesting she is the “most disloyal Housewife” and revealing details about her other co-stars, including Leah McSweeney and Eboni K. Williams.

“Sonja likes to make up stories about me behind my back,” Ramona told Daryn Carp on PEOPLE TV’s Reality Check after being asked if Sonja was her “most loyal” co-star. “So I don’t think so.”

Although Ramona noted that she loves Sonja and that they “have a great bond,” she named her when Daryn asked who was the “most disloyal Housewife” on the show.

“Actually you are gonna see, Sonja said some really hurtful things to me. I’m not gonna tell you when or where [but] Sonja was really like … yeah,” Ramona stated, adding that their drama will play out on season 13.

“I wish you wouldn’t. But you are,” Ramona said of the falling out that is to come between them.

As “Spitballs Superlatives” continued, Ramona named Sonja as the RHONY cast member who is “most likely to get drunk and belligerent” before revealing that Leah is the “most likely to hold a grudge with another Housewife” and the “most likely to not apologize.”

“Leah, she owns what she is. And when she gets upset, she flies off the handle and she’s not going to say that she’s sorry. I know she’s sorry, but she’s not going to say she’s sorry,” Ramona explained, noting that Leah is also “most likely to start drama for the cameras.”

Moving on to Eboni, Ramona said her newest castmate is both the Housewife who is the “most fun to take shots with” and the one who “spends the most money.”

“She likes to spend her money on expensive clothes,” Ramona revealed. “I like to bank half the money I make and she likes to spend it.”

RHONY Live Viewing – This is also a live viewing thread for tonight’s new episode of The Real Housewives of New York City season 13, which airs at 9/8c on Bravo. Feel free to share your thoughts below as the episode airs.

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RHOBH’s Kyle Richards and Teddi Mellencamp Shade Lisa Vanderpump as Kyle Claims Lisa Was “Embarrassed” by Dinner Bill Drama and Calls Her Out For Quitting Show, Plus Kyle Talks “Fake Moments” and Housewives All Stars


6 seconds ago


Credit: Michael Simon/startraksphoto

Kyle Richards and Teddi Mellencamp throw more shade at Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle is asked to name her fakest co-star. Plus, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star dishes on her Housewives: All-Stars experience.

As fans surely know, Kyle and Lisa have been going back and forth in the press after Lisa jokingly sent her $132 dinner bill to Kyle’s table during their most recent run-in at a restaurant. Though Lisa was trying to be funny, Kyle wasn’t amused at all, and she and bestie Teddi further shaded the Vanderpump Rules matriarch when Kyle joined Teddi on her podcast.

“I saw her call out [Real Housewives of Orange County star] Kelly Dodd in her restaurant for not paying a bill, like, who actually leaves a restaurant without [paying the bill]?” Teddi wondered on her Teddi Tea Pod podcast after Kyle recounted the drama yet again. “Like, even if they can call you and get it paid or whatever, even if it’s a joke, even if you left a cash tip, it’s just rude to even put the restaurant in a position to even have to ask that.”

Though Lisa has claimed she left behind an imprint of her credit card just in case Kyle — or the executive producer the mother-of-four was dining with — refused to pay, Kyle implied that Lisa actually called the restaurant and was subsequently  “embarrassed” about the whole ordeal.

“She was embarrassed,” Kyle alleged. “She was like, ‘I am so sorry.’”

The Halloween Ends actress went on to shade Lisa for quitting the show that made her famous simply because she was accused of selling the puppy-gate story.

“She signed up to do the Housewives and she’s gotten a lot out of it,” she quipped. “You know… her restaurants, her shows or whatever. I mean, honestly, in the big scheme of things, our big falling out was [me] saying that people think you [sold] this story and that’s why you leave? I mean, are you kidding me? If this would have happened [on The Real Housewives of New York City] do you think somebody would have never come back again? Like, who cares?”

“It’s not that big of a deal and it wasn’t that big of a deal,” she continued. “And it didn’t have to come to that, and she should have just said, ‘Okay, believe what you want,’ and moved on. But she’s bitter that it worked out the way it did.”

Later in the podcast, Teddi attempted to make Kyle name her “fakest” co-star on season 11. However, she refused to name just one and basically called out the entire cast for being fake at one point or another.

“I’m going to be honest. There are a lot of fake moments I see with a lot of people across the board where I kind of go, ‘Oh my gosh,’” she said, adding, “It even comes up on the show so stay tuned for that.”

Kyle wasn’t as reluctant to spill on her experience filming the Real Housewives mashup series as she admitted she was a bit skeptical about being the only RHOBH star asked to join the spinoff.

“When I found out that it was two from [The Real Housewives of Atlanta], two from [RHONY], and two from [The Real Housewives of New Jersey] and only me, I was like this has red flags written all over it,” she shared.

She went on to say that, as a fan herself, most of the women in the mashup turned out to be much different than she anticipated. She also explained how the spinoff will be different from the typical Housewives shows.

“It was so interesting because I was there as not only a Housewife, but I was there as a fan, and it was a very interesting mix,” she teased. “I really think the fans are going to love this. It’s a very different style than we normally do because we’re talking openly about the fact that we’re on the show.”

Teddi then wanted to know who among the Turks and Caicos gang could be their new “bestie,” and though Kyle believes Melissa Gorga would make a great friend, she named one surprising person she enjoyed spending time with.

“Melissa is the most like us. But, Ramona [Singer], like, I know she’s all over the place [and] she offends everybody all the time, but I personally found her to be so entertaining,” she revealed. “I could have just grabbed my popcorn because she is so entertaining to me. She doesn’t even know.”

According to Kyle, she got along well with almost everyone, but she did shade at least one Housewife. But fans will have to wait until the show airs to find out who she’s referring to.

“I have something to say about everybody, and some of these people, I would have thought I would never wanna spend time with them. But now that I did, I actually would. Not everybody, though,” she snarked before laughing loudly.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo, and the Real Housewives mashup series is expected to air on the Peacock app sometime later this year.

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Kelly Dodd Addresses RHOC Status Amid Cast Shakeup, Talks Cancel Culture and Explains Why She and Husband Rick Leventhal Have Taken Their $1.39 Million Hampton Home Off the Market


52 mins ago


Credit: Instagram

Kelly Dodd reacted to calls for her Real Housewives of Orange County return on Instagram over the weekend.

Following news of an impending cast shakeup, Kelly reacted to a couple of fans who wanted to see her back while also discussing cancel culture and explaining why she and husband Rick Leventhal took their $1.39 million Westhampton Beach house off the market.

“You’ll still be on RHOC?!! [Please] don’t leave the show!!! (Selfish of me lol),” one person wrote on May 23.

“Thank you but I don’t know and don’t care!!” Kelly replied, revealing that she isn’t concerned about whether or not she’s asked back.

“You have to stay. [It] wouldn’t be the same without you!” another fan said.

“Awe thank you but I’m living my life with my beautiful husband and my daughter!!” Kelly explained. “Life goes on… the show is not my life!”

Kelly then responded to another fan who gave a nod to the RHOC season 15 reunion, which aired earlier this year and featured Kelly answering questions about her claim of being Black and her “Drunk Wives Matter” hat.

“Just finally watched reunion [part two]. Favorite housewife hands down! Good for you for living and not being scared to speak your mind,” the person said.

“That was so nice… it’s really hard to do especially when the cancel culture comes after you,” Kelly replied, seemingly giving a nod to the many calls for her firing.

Also on Instagram over the weekend, Kelly shared a photo from the pool deck of her and Rick’s beach house.

“Thank you [Go Floats] for making our pool more fun! We love our floats & our putt putt game. See you in the OC… dinner on us,” she wrote in the caption.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Kelly Leventhal (@kellyddodd)

Then, in the comments section of the post, after a fan suspected she and Rick had been unable to unload their East Coast property, Kelly revealed that they actually decided to keep the home.

“Didn’t the house sell yet?” a fan asked.

“Keeping the house!!” Kelly replied. “Took it off the market… we were just testing it.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 16 has not yet gone into production.

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RHONJ’s Jennifer Aydin Slams Margaret Josephs’ Parenting, Says She Put Kids in “Sleep Away Camp” So She Could Spend Summers in Hamptons and Explains Why She Doesn’t Regret Boss Comments


2 hours ago


Credit: Bravo

Jennifer Aydin shaded Margaret Josephs‘ parenting during a recent podcast appearance.

After Margaret suggested Jennifer’s husband, plastic surgeon Bill Aydin, was her “meal ticket” because she was a stay-at-home mom for their five children, the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member clapped back by pointing out that Margaret sent her kids away for the summer.

“She tells me I’m not the poster child for a stay-at-home mom, yet she talks about how she sent her kids to sleep away camp and spent her summers in the Hamptons,” Jennifer said on the May 21 episode of Us Weekly‘s Getting Real With the Real Housewives podcast. “So, who’s really the poster child, sweetheart?”

According to Jennifer, she was caring for her children hands-on during the summer months as Margaret enjoyed time away from her kids in the Hamptons.

“I’ve never left my kids. So, sometimes the things that she says, she needs to learn how to read the room,” Jennifer stated, giving a nod to the comment Margaret often made to her during RHONJ season 11.

Also during the interview, Jennifer looked back on the comments she made in regard to the abuse Margaret suffered at the hands of a former boss, which Margaret suggested were “victim shaming,” and admitted that she has no regrets.

“Whatever it is that I was mistaken for, I apologized for. The reason I don’t regret it is because in that moment, when she was telling her story [of her former boss] she said he was a good-looking guy. She also said she loved older men, she always liked older men and that was her thing. You know, this wasn’t the first boss that she slept with,” Jennifer said.

As Jennifer explained, she didn’t interpret Margaret’s story as abuse.

“It didn’t seem like it was a big deal when she was talking about it. She was doing what she needed to do to keep her job and when I say, like, ‘Get ahead,’ she didn’t say that, but that’s how I was interpreting it and I apologized for it,” she noted.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 11 reunion, part two, airs Wednesday, May 26, at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Andy Cohen Thinks Porsha Williams “Loves Being in Love” and “Gets Carried Away” But Won’t Judge Her Engagement, Teases RHOP Season 6 and Talks Not Liking Summer House Winter Charm Name


3 hours ago


Credit: lev radin/Shutterstock, Jennifer Graylock/INFphoto

Andy Cohen appeared on Instagram Live on Tuesday, where he discussed a number of Bravo-related topics before being joined by Southern Charm cast members Patricia Altschul, Austen Kroll, and Craig Conover.

While being joined by fan after fan, the Watch What Happens Live host responded to questions about The Real Housewives of Potomac, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, BravoCon, and Porsha Williams‘ recent engagement to Simon Guobadia.

“I can’t remember the [RHOP] premiere date,” Andy said after being asked when the new season would begin. “I watched the first episode this morning, actually, and it was really great. This summer, maybe August, maybe July [it will premiere]. It’s really good.”

Andy was also unaware of when RHOSLC season two would begin. That said, he did confirm that he and his team did not arrange for BravoCon to take place just before Jen Shah was due in court in New York City.

“We definitely did not. But I did see that online,” he stated.

Following the news of the second BravoCon fan convention, Andy admitted he did not know when tickets would go on sale but promised more tickets would be available this time around.

“There will be a lot more tickets available than last year so people can rest assured about that,” he noted.

When another fan wanted to know his thoughts on Porsha and Simon’s whirlwind romance, Andy said he doesn’t know much more than everyone else.

“All I know is I texted her right when I heard the news. I said, ‘I’m so excited for you,’ and all that stuff. I just think Porsha loves being in love. You know, she gets carried away by a moment… [But] we don’t actually know any of the specifics of this situation so we cannot judge. We just have to let all the facts roll out.”

When the fan then suggested that Andy was actually behind the relationship, Andy denied any such thing.

”Oh no, I don’t cook up love affairs for people,” he insisted.

Later in the Instagram Live, when the Southern Charm crew joined him on video, Andy confronted Austen about his recent reunion with Madison LeCroy and joked that the two of them were “back together.”

“Andy, where are you hearing this from? I am very single,” Austen confirmed.

“I think they’re better in separate relationships,” Patricia interjected. “I think they’re good on their own. They’re toxic when they’re together.”

Also during the IG Live, Austen asked Andy about the name of the Summer House/Southern Charm crossover series, Summer House Winter Charm.

“Andy, the name of the show, did you actually see what it was called? What a ridiculously long, confounding name!” he proclaimed.

“I never say anything publicly against Bravo but I actually saw the name and I’ve been meaning to call two people at Bravo to say, ‘What are you thinking?’ It’s aggressive… it’s not good,” Andy admitted. “[But] I’m very excited about it.”

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Garcelle Beauvais Slams RHOBH Costars as Actors Who Don’t Show Who They “Really” Are, Says She Doesn’t Want to “Fake It” With Kyle Richards or Lisa Rinna, Does She Follow Them on Instagram?


1 hour ago


Garcelle Beauvais took aim at her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmates during an interview last week ahead of the premiere of season 11.

Before viewers watched as she sat down with Lisa Rinna in hopes of understanding her season 10 antics against longtime friend Denise Richards, Garcelle slammed her co-stars as actors and explained why she has such an issue with Lisa’s behavior.

“Everybody’s a great actor in this group, everybody should get an Academy Award,” Garcelle told Entertainment Tonight on May 19. “I think sometimes people put certain fronts up and it’s not really who they are, so I think everybody deserves an Academy Award.”

According to Garcelle, she didn’t want to “fake it” with her castmates during RHOBH season 11. So, after agreeing to return to her full-time position, she requested sit-downs with both Lisa and Kyle Richards.

“I spoke to the producers and I said, ‘Going back, the first thing I want to do is I want to have two sit-downs: one with Kyle and one with Rinna,’” Garcelle recalled. “It was important to me. I can’t go on pretending like everybody’s great when we have an elephant in the room. So they promised me that would be the case and they kept to their word.”

“I don’t want to fake it,” she said.

Garcelle went on to say that when it comes to her relationship with Lisa, she can’t get over the fact that she betrayed Denise so brutally.

“I feel like with Rinna, I had a really hard time because we had been friends for so long and to see her treat another friend that she has known for so long [like that], really, was disturbing to me,” Garcelle admitted. “I felt like, how do I trust you if you can do that to someone you’ve known?”

Although Lisa did agree that she went too far with Denise during her premiere chat with Garcelle, Garcelle believes there is still work to be done between them.

“I think she wants to make it right, but I don’t think you can make it right over one drink or dinner,” Garcelle explained. “I felt like she went to a place that was so unnecessary last season, so it was hard for me to get around that, and we’re still working. During the season you will see us trying to figure it out. Some good, some not so much.”

As for Garcelle’s often-telling Instagram page, she currently does not follow Lisa. However, she has recently re-followed Kyle.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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