The Real Reason KUWTK is Ending is Revealed as Sources Share How E!’s Finances Played a Role, Plus Was Kanye’s Mental Health Struggles Also a Factor?

44 mins agoSeptember 11, 20208


The Kardashian family stunned fans when they announced this week that their long-running show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, was ending its 20-season run. Now, insider sources are sharing the alleged reasons for the cancellation, citing a few specific details that lead to the decision.

The details apparently involve not only Kim Kardashian‘s husband, Kanye West‘s ongoing mental health struggles, but other business-related issues.

“It’s been a long time coming,” sources told Page Six on September 9, adding that the family has been discussing“what the end of their show looks like” for “three or four years,” but Kanye’s issues were the catalyst to the decision ultimately being made.

Kim has appeared to be protective of her husband, asking the “media and public to have compassion and empathy” as he grapples with his bipolar disorder. Because of her wanting him to be kept away from public scrutiny, the sources claimed it didn’t make sense for the reality star to have him involved in show story lines. In addition, keeping him out of the show completely wouldn’t make for an adequate depiction of their “reality,” potentially leaving “fans feeling cheated.”

Moreover, the insiders noted that money was perhaps the biggest factor when it comes to the demise of the show as the family was able conjure larger payouts from E! when re-negotiating their contracts, but with the financial fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, those checks became a little harder to write.

The report also highlights the show’s dwindling ratings over the years. KUWTK was viewed by 5.8 million viewers for the 2010 season premiere and just 1.6 million for its most recent episode — a dramatic dip that most likely also lead to the network being unwilling to fork out more cash.

What’s more, the family has mainly been using the show as a platform to peddle their many products and businesses, and have utilized their social media platforms more significantly to connect with fans, the sources reported.

“They’re less tied to the E! series as a marketing machine,” the report noted.

Following news of the show’s demise, multiple reports came out speculating on whether Kris Jenner could end up becoming a cast member of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Amid the speculation, PEOPLE reported that Kris is reportedly “intrigued” about the possibility of joining the Bravo series.

Photo Credit: Sara De Boer/

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Wendy Osefo Shares Surprising Updates on Relationships With Ashley and T’Challa Since Filming Ended on RHOP Season 5, Plus She Dishes on Drama With Karen Huger

2 hours agoSeptember 11, 20200


As newfound The Real Housewives of Potomac star Wendy Osefo‘s first season continues to play out, so does some of her newfound drama.

The RHOP newbie spoke out in a series of new interviews about what’s been going down in Potomac, including that thunderous dispute with Ashley Darby on a recent episode.

Wendy confessed to Maria Menounos for her Better Together podcast that she has “talked to all the ladies” since last season wrapped … except for Ashley.

The mother of three also told E! News that her delivery “could have definitely been better,” in terms of how she approached Ashley while on the lake house trip, but that she believed her “points are still valid.”

“Like, we’re both new moms. I never said I was a first-time mom, that was never the argument,” Wendy remarked. “The statement was I’m a new mom, and that’s true. You are a new mom no matter how many times you have children, just like if I buy a car and it’s my second car, it’s still a new car, correct? So I’m a new mom, our kids are two weeks apart and I am just asking for the same courtesy. If one mom is allowed to bring her child, then the other mom should be allowed to bring her child as well, or at least extended the invitation and let the moms decide what they want to do.”

Wendy didn’t just share a bit of drama with the RHOP women — she also had some issues with Monique Samuels‘ beloved bird, T’Challa. Fans got to witness the pet’s dramatic beeline toward Wendy’s face at the lake house during a recent episode.

“My soul jumped out of my body like, ‘Oh my God! Jesus.’ It was bad,” Wendy said during the interview, adding that luckily, there’s no bad blood between them. “Me and T’Challa have actually gotten closer. T’Challa actually followed me on Instagram. I’m still suffering from a little bit of PTSD, so I have not followed T’Challa back, but just give me a week or two and I will follow back.”

View this post on Instagram

RHOP comes on tonight and I keep telling folks I need a champagne glass too! 🐦😂 #RHOP #africangrey #africangreyparrot #tchallasamuels

A post shared by T’Challa Samuels (@tchallasamuels) on Aug 16, 2020 at 11:49am PDT

When asked how they could move forward, Wendy gave a hopeful outlook. She believed the two could ultimately make things right again.

“I am open to mending the relationship,” she laughed. “T’Challa is all good with me.”

Although the political commentator touched base with (most) of the cast since shooting, that doesn’t mean it’s been all cherry blossoms.

Wendy noted that her relationship with Karen Huger is still “a work in progress,” and pointed out the Grand Dame’s tendency to enjoy the “fanfare” and “attention” in pretending she doesn’t know her…and Wendy still isn’t having it.

“I’m moving forward, I don’t address her, I don’t feel the need to. She has reached out to me several times to hang out with her off-camera. I’m not interested in doing that because I believe in authenticity,” Wendy said on the Better Together podcast. “I believe in not putting on a persona for the fans. So, if your persona for the fans is to be dismissive, or to be rude to me, but then, in real life, you want to be my friend and you want to get to know me, I’m not…I want no parts of that.”

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

Photos Credit: Sophy Holland/Bravo, Kathy Hutchins/

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Teddi Mellencamp Accuses Denise Richards of Trying to Be the “Star” of RHOBH and Reacts to Her Exit, Shades Lisa Vanderpump and Camille Grammer’s Tweets, and Responds to Question About Next Season

4 hours agoSeptember 11, 202070


Teddi Mellencamp was “not surprised” by the news of Denise Richards‘ exit from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

During a recent Q&A with fans on her Instagram Stories, Teddi accused Denise of trying to outshine the other women of the show, addressed a question about the start of filming on season 11, and shaded Lisa Vanderpump and Camille Grammer over their recent tweets regarding her new home in Encino, California.

“Are you happy Denise has left the show?” a fan asked Teddi on September 10.

“Not surprised,” she replied.

According to Teddi, Denise wasn’t a good fit for the group because she was trying to be the “star” of the series.

“Anytime one person wants to be the ‘star’ of the show and control how they are portrayed when it’s about showing the truth as an ensemble it doesn’t end well,” Teddi explained. “I wish her the best and hope she is thriving and happy. I also hope she stops referring to herself in the third person but I guess I have to let that part go.”

After poking fun at Denise and her many comments about being “Denise f*cking Richards,” Teddi admitted that when it comes to a future friendship, there likely won’t be one between her and her ex-co-star.

“I never say never about anything but neither of us are banging down each other’s door to be in one another’s life,” she noted.

“When does filming for season 11 start?” another fan asked.

“Unclear. My guess is another month or so but truly I do not know,” Teddi replied.

When another Instagram user asked Teddi if she was a fan of RHOBH before she joined the show in 2017, Teddi confirmed she was not before adding that she is an avid watcher of The Real Housewives of Potomac.

“I watch [The Real Housewives of Potomac] and am obsessed!!! I watch that one religiously,” Teddi admitted. “Any of the other franchises I watch when I can.”

As for Teddi’s comments about Lisa and Camille, they came after a fan questioned her about whether RHOBH should be renamed as The Real Housewives of Encino now that she and a number of the women, including Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley, reside in the area.

“Is this Camille and LVP tweeting again?” Teddi asked.

At the end of last month, after news of Teddi’s move from the Hollywood Hills to Encino was confirmed, Lisa and Camille weighed in on Twitter.

“So most of the cast now lives in Encino? They need to change the name of the show to ‘The Real Housewives of the Valley,’” Camille suggested on Twitter on August 27.

In response, along with a photo of the Beverly Hills sign edited to read “Vanderpump,” Lisa reminded Camille and her online audience that she still resides in the ritzy town.

“Hello….from BH,” she wrote.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 10 reunion, part three, airs Wednesday, September 16, at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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Heather Thomson Reveals Which RHONY Housewives Called the Press the Most, Fires Back at Jill Zarin for Suggesting Fans Got the “Short End of the Stick” When She Joined the Show and Shades Sonja as the “Worst Tipper”

6 hours agoSeptember 11, 202043


Heather Thomson is dishing on The Real Housewives of New York City as she is also clapping back at a comment Jill Zarin recently made.

While appearing on the September 10 episode of Watch What Happens Live, Heather reacted to a comment Jill made about viewers getting “the short end of the stick” when she was added to the show before revealing which of her co-stars called Page Six the most and slamming Sonja Morgan for being the worst tipper.

“We don’t replace housewives, we introduce new housewives,” Heather explained on the WWHL: After Show. “I didn’t replace Jill Zarin. So whether she likes me or not, or whether she felt I filled the role as a housewife, that’s her opinion. But I was not put on the show to replace you, Jill. So, back her down!”

While appearing on the Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino podcast in July, Jill said viewers of RHONY were robbed when they lost her and her entire family in lieu of a few new ladies, including Heather, Carole Radziwill, and Aviva Drescher.

“It wasn’t the same. [Heather] didn’t have a mother and a father and a sister,” Jill stated. “And I felt like that was a missing piece. And it didn’t have to be me! But let somebody else’s mother come on. Give us a full family.”

During the live broadcast of WWHL, Heather was asked a series of rapid-fire questions about the past and present cast members of the RHONY cast. During the Q&A, she revealed she is the closest to Carole. She also said that Luann de Lesseps was the “least accountable” of the bunch before adding that she’s a fun drunk.

“Sonja and [Dorinda Medley] are the least fun to be around when they’re drunk and Luann is the most fun to be around when she’s drunk,” Heather revealed.

When Andy then asked Heather who she believes phoned Page Six the most, she replied, “I think it might have been Carole back in the day a little bit… [or] maybe [Bethenny Frankel].”

As for the worst tipper, that honor was given to Sonja.

“Sonja is the worst tipper and Ramona is not so great either, but Sonja’s the worst,” Heather alleged. “She’ll even get up and leave without paying for the meal.”

Also during the episode, Heather said that Jill is the former cast member who wants to be back on the show the most and that Ramona Singer is the person on the show who can dish it but can’t take it.

The Real Housewives of New York City season 12 reunion continues next Thursday, September 17, with part two at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

Photos Credit: Jennifer Graylock/, BravoTV, Michael Simon/

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New RHOSLC Star Mary Crosby Married Her Late Grandmother’s Husband, Plus Meet the Other Ladies From The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City!

7 hours agoSeptember 11, 202028


The latest addition to the Bravo family, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, is set to premiere on November 11, and the talk about the fresh crop of women is already causing a snowstorm!

As Housewives fans get to know the new cast, many were quick to point out the curious narrative of one new wife, Mary Cosby, whose introduction included some head-scratching details about her marital status.

Mary Cosby

This “Pentecostal First Lady” noted she has a “penchant for God, couture and only the finest champagne” in her official bio by Bravo. Also noted in her bio is how she took over the religious family business by marrying “her late grandmother’s second husband, Robert Cosby Sr.” The bio went on to explain that the couple has been married for “20 years,” and they share a teenage son together.

In addition to Mary’s “unconventional past,” it’s noted that she’s “always dressed to the nines.” She’s seen in the trailer explaining how much she loves her high-end fashions.

“I love this jacket because it makes me happy … not because it’s Dolce & Gabanna!” she exclaimed.

Lisa Barlow

Also joining the cast is marketing company and tequila brand-owner Lisa Barlow, who also lives somewhat unconventionally. She describes herself as “Mormon 2.0” as she doesn’t “adhere to all of the traditional strict Mormon rules.” Although that aspect of her life may be somewhat unconventional, her marriage follows a conventional path, with her husband John and their two children.

Heather Gay

Lisa attended Brigham Young University with Heather Gay, who was “a devout Mormon from birth” and was “married to Mormon royalty for 11 years” until her divorce. Heather reportedly “distanced herself” from the church post-divorce, and she is a “self-proclaimed ‘good Mormon gone bad.’” The mother of three owns a Med-Spa business, Beauty Lab and Laser, where the women often congregate. Heather is noted to be embarking on “the next chapter of her life” in the series as she seeks to “fin[d] her voice” and “love again.”

Meredith Marks

Meredith Marks, who was noted to be “best friends” with Lisa “for years,” is a jewelry designer for celebrities with a store located on Main Street in Park City. The new reality star is unique in her Jewish background, and she has been “married for over 25 years” to her husband Seth. The show meets Meredith as she and Seth “have hit a rough patch,” dealing with being “empty nester[s]” as their children go off to college. Meredith is also described as “an ice queen with a knack for partying.” She is supposedly the center of many rumors that go down in the SLC as the season endures.

Whitney Rose

Whitney Rose also used to be Morman. Now, as a “descendant of ‘Mormon Royalty,’” she has been navigating life outside of the religion “for over a decade,” having left the church after falling in love and having an affair with her boss, Justin. The two apparently left their respective spouses, got married, and Whitney found out she was pregnant. The couple has been married for 10 years, and they have two children together. The skincare line owner, who is seen in the trailer saying what a “big deal” it is that she’s no longer Mormon, will also be seen caring for her dependent father and dealing with “scandalous rumors” that begin to swirl around her “progressive relationship.”

Jen Shah

Finally, there’s Jen Shah, a Tongan and Hawaiian who grew up in Salt Lake City and often felt somewhat alien in her “traditionally white, Mormon world.” Jen apparently learned of the Mormon religion’s poor treatment of black people and converted from Mormonism to Islam. Jen is the CEO of three marketing companies and a mom of two with her husband, Sharrieff. She is described to be “always decked out in designer brands” and she loves to host parties. Jen is known to have “an extravagant personality and sharp tongue,” and she is quick to “fin[d] herself at the center of the drama.”

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season one premieres on November 11 at 9 p.m. on Bravo. The trailer is below!

Photos Credit: Chad Kirkland/Bravo

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Andy Cohen Says Denise Richards Was “Negotiating” With Bravo for RHOBH Return and Shares What Led to Her Exit, Suspects She Didn’t Want to Discuss Alleged Affair With Brandi Due to Her Family

7 hours agoSeptember 11, 202086


Andy Cohen is speaking out about Denise Richards‘ exit from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and explaining what led up to her September 9 departure.

In addition to revealing that he and Denise were actually in negotiations before she opted to leave the series ahead of its 11th season, the Watch What Happens Live host suggested that when it came to Denise’s denials of her alleged affair with co-star Brandi Glanville, she may have been wanting to shield her husband, Aaron Phypers, and her kids from potential harm.

“I’m just upset we couldn’t reach an agreement for next season,” Andy told Daryn Carp on People TV’s Reality Check. “I’m kind of living in that sadness. We were negotiating a deal with her and we couldn’t reach an agreement on the deal.”

While Denise, who joined the RHOBH cast in 2018 for season nine, chose to storm off from her castmates on a number of occasions after being questioned about the nature of her relationship with Brandi, Andy suspected she did so because she didn’t want to hurt her family.

“She is answering her truth and listen, also, she has a family and kids. So, I mean, whatever happened or didn’t happen, I would imagine that it’s something that maybe she didn’t really care to discuss on a television show,” he explained.

As for why the topic of Denise and Brandi’s relationship continued to be brought up on RHOBH, even after Denise denied having slept with her co-star, Andy said that when it comes to scandal, repetition is often the name of the game on Real Housewives shows.

“The problem with the Housewives is once the cat’s out of the bag, it’s hard to put it back. So, that’s the challenge. Once something is out there, it’s out there and a lot of times it gets beat to death,” he admitted.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 10 reunion concludes next Wednesday, September 16, at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

Photos Credit: John Palmer/Media Punch/, Niviere David/ABACA/

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RHONY Reunion Recap: Tinsley Finally Shares Off-Camera Fight With Dorinda That Set Her Off, Plus Dorinda is Confronted About Her Drinking

8 hours agoSeptember 11, 2020266


This week on the Real Housewives of New York City, it’s the first episode of a LIVE reunion! We finally have Tinsley back, and even better, she is finally revealing the real reason behind Dorindas apparent hatred of her. I don’t know — we might miss the mute button on Zoom with this raucous group of ladies!

The ladies are all arriving in masks and getting their temperatures checked. They have to answer the screening questions, and Dorinda is already shading Ramona by telling them you better check her out good since she has been out gallivanting during the pandemic. The venue for the filming is decorated with relics from past reunions. and they are all sitting at least six feet apart which could be a good thing for a variety of reasons!

Let’s check out their fashion choices, shall we? Leah is sitting next to Andy (which is pretty telling that she will be back next season) and wearing another bodysuit with a sheer dress over it. Dorinda does look beautiful in her Balmain dress. I used to love when Bethenny wore his designs. Andy thinks Ramona and her long blonde extensions is her best look ever. Hmm, I am on the fence with the super long extensions, but she does look fabulous.

Sonja lifted her drapes and is debuting her new face, and she is trying to look like Ellen Barkin? The new and improved Luann looks elegant in her Jovani gown. I would have been disappointed if she wore anything else. Tinsley looks beautiful in her Monique Lhuillier ballgown that probably brings her back to her debutante days. It is too much tulle for me but she can pull it off.

One major highlight of part one of the RHONY reunion was Dorinda and her nasty behavior, which was directed at Tinsley. It is almost painful to re-watch how relentless she was. The turkey baster comment was such a low blow, and Tinsley found it vile that Dorinda shamed her for wanting a child. Dorinda said she was joking and she half-heartedly apologized. Andy just thought it was plain mean. Me too!

We finally get a little clarity on what transpired behind the scenes to understand what ignited Dorinda’s flame. Tinsley shared that Scott gave John some money, and apparently, Dorinda went batsh*t crazy over it. It got so bad that the producers were worried for Tinsley’s safety in Miami. We then see a clip where Dorinda is yelling at John on the phone for accepting money from Scott. She was probably mortified her boyfriend was getting money from the Coupon King Scott. Dorinda ends with, “Tinsley, I hate your life.” Wow, now we FINALLY have an idea of what set her off.

The conversation also touches on where everyone was during the quarantine. Ramona and Avery were in Florida with Mario. Sonja was stuck at a spa in Palm Springs and getting an insane amount of colonics and a little nip and tuck. Luann has been working on her book and her cabaret.

Leah slammed Ramona on Instagram, saying her actions in Florida were shameful and she lacked empathy. Ramona defends her actions and claims she wasn’t being insensitive. According to her, she first had a sinus infection, potentially Lyme disease, and then COVID-19. Ramona was going to the beach at the Boca Beach Club.  Sonja said she was literally a walking petri dish with Lyme disease, sinus infection, and COVID traipsing all over the beach.

They discuss how Ramona went to a party where Donald Trump Jr’s girlfriend got COVID. Ramona was running around without a mask. She was also at the Breakers and swapping spit with Harry Dubin. YUCK!  Damn, this guy is like a Jack-in-the-box popping up everywhere! Ramona just starts ranting, “I don’t wear a mask on the ocean!” Andy tries to get her to see how her behavior was perceived. Andy sure misses that mute button right now since he needs to tell them all to shut up. Oy vey.

Leah and Ramona go at it over COVID. They battle it out since Ramona was traveling to Palm Beach and not being careful. Ramona claims she was allowed to come back to NYC but there was a quarantine period that she frankly ignored. Why is anyone surprised that Ramona did what she wanted to do and showcased how great she was doing?

Leah is the first in the hot seat regarding her actions throughout the season. They discuss her excessive drinking and of course the infamous tiki torch throwing while nude. Andy tells Leah that he is getting some positive feedback on her from celebrities. Luann shares she liked her immediately, and Tinsley thinks Leah did great in her freshman season and admires her confidence. Leah does get some grief from viewers over her age shaming. She doesn’t think she does that at all and she admires them. Leah actually did upgrade her apartment after Luann felt it was a little understated and not up to Countess standards.

Andy asked the other ladies about Leah’s tattoos and how they tried to shame her. The only comment that offended her was that Sonja wouldn’t have sex with someone who had them. Consider that a positive at least — when she gets trashed she won’t try to make out with you! I would cover my body in tats! It would be like a repellent!

Leah gives us the story behind her purple wings tattoo. She was actually only 17 and on a hallucinogen. While Leah was in another dimension, high on this stuff, she saw herself with purple wings. She decided the image needed to be permanently imprinted on her and the best place for it was her pus*y. Hmm, okay, I don’t really get the meaning of why that would be the perfect spot but to each their own.

Andy asks how her family and Rob feel about her season, and it’s no surprise that her mom didn’t care for the drinking and nudity. Leah’s dad is a fan of Sonja and has a crush on her. That’s pretty funny since Bunny is exactly the opposite of Sonja. Leah says Rob got a little jealous when she was with the bartender on the show and his Guido side came out. Maybe these two will get together in the future? Ramona accurately surmises that they probably all drove her to drink just by hanging with this group. TRUTH.

Andy then decides to do a drinking montage to document the drunken debauchery from the season. Dorinda was slurring and spitting like a camel. Sonja was falling out of chairs and stumbling around naked saying, “I’ve reached my limit.” No duh. Luann is shown drinking but she doesn’t really act up like the others. I think this franchise needs to have an exclusive AA group. Leah’s scenes with her parents show their discord over her drinking.

Dorinda thinks Ramona criticizes her drinking and uses it as a weapon. She finds a way to throw Ramona under the bus by saying she sleeps around and drinks a lot herself. Dorinda never says anything about that. Sweetheart, you just did say it.

Dorinda deflects the criticism and finds it accusatory. Well yeah, they are accusing you of being an out-of-control raging alcoholic. She basically throws Ramona under the bus, telling the other ladies what she said about them behind their back. Whore, tramp, lush, etc. The only thing I do agree with is that Ramona is not all about female empowerment.

Andy tries to call Dorinda out on her drinking. Dorinda needs to honestly re-watch the season and see how toxic her behavior was. He tells her she is being extremely defensive. Andy can’t get Dorinda to answer the darn question. She admits to using alcohol as a crutch when she is stressed. Yeah, a crutch that she likes to use to beat over the heads of others! Let’s just call her Dorinda the deflector!

Leah gave up alcohol during the pandemic. Luann claims she did stop drinking again since she doesn’t like how it controls her. Sonja says her diuretics caused her drunken antics. Uh sorry, Sonja, it wasn’t just water pills. It was more of a wicked combination of pills and lots of booze.

Tinsley is next on the hot seat about her choices this season. She dated Bruce from Chicago to hopefully make Scott jealous. Tinsley was hoping the Chicago connection would bring her and Scott back together. She finally decided to follow Scott and move to Chicago. That diamond on her finger is gorgeous and huge! I would move to Chicago too! A viewer makes an ironic comment that she had to leave housewives to become one.

Tinsley only felt support from Leah and felt the others were dismissive and frankly bitter and jealous. Sonja thought Tinsley brought up having kids ad nauseam, and Dorinda thinks since she met Scott on the show she should have been appreciative and fulfilled her contract. Tinsley chose Scott over the show and rightfully so. We then see wacky Sonja during this putting hand sanitizer on her legs since she needs a little shine. You just can’t make this sh*t up.

Next week, Dorinda is still in the hot seat, and is she seeing someone? Ramona shares the texts that Dorinda sent her and how their friendship has changed. Have a great weekend!

Side note:  So now Andy is saying that Dorinda recognized she wasn’t in the right headspace this season and should have taken the year off? He claims the door is still open to her and she needs a pause to hopefully get some help. Let me know what you think about all of this going back and forth?

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VIDEO: Andy Cohen Calls Out Dorinda Medley For Deflecting Drinking Questions in RHONY Reunion Sneak Peek as Tinsley Mortimer Confronts Dorinda Over “Vile” Turkey Baster Comment, Plus Live Viewing Thread

23 hours agoSeptember 10, 20201080


Things are heating up at the Real Housewives of New York City reunion as Andy Cohen takes Dorinda Medley to task for her drinking behavior and Tinsley Mortimer confronts the 55-year-old for her “turkey baster” comment from this season.

In the first preview clip from part one of the reunion, Andy reads a fan’s question to Dorinda about her “defensive” and “mean” nature around the subject of drinking, and Dorinda wastes no time in redirecting the situation toward Ramona Singer, seated next to her.

“Ramona did it as a zinger, it had nothing to do–” Dorinda begins, but she is then cut off by Ramona.

The two then get into a brief sparring match, causing Andy to break it up and come back to the original inquiry.

“Dorinda, I asked you a question. It seems like you get very defensive when anyone brings up your drinking,” Andy says.

“Yeah, I’m very sensitive about that, and I would expect someone like Ramona, instead of using it as a weapon–” Dorinda goes on before Andy cuts her off to dig further.

“Why are you sensitive about it?” he asks.

“Because I find it to be accusatory, maybe,” Dorinda replies. “I try not to point out when Ramona’s drinking, or when Ramona’s sleeping with all kinds of people, I try not to point it out.”

“See! She can’t answer the question!” Ramona exclaims.

Dorinda goes on to point out ways Ramona has been hurtful or called people names as Andy interjects with his take on the matter.

“I want to talk about you!” he exclaims. “I feel like you’re deflecting every time I ask this question!”

Ramona also agrees with the sentiment and then calls her “Deflection Dorinda.”

Dorinda apparently took a lot of heat at the reunion, as another preview clip reveals her and regular foil, Tinsley, going at it over Dorinda’s hurtful “turkey baster” comment from a June 11 episode of the show.

“I think Tinsley’s only spoken to Leah,” Dorinda notes when Andy brings up the two not speaking since Tinsley left the show mid-season. “Tinsley never really spoke to any of us after she left every year anyway.”

In response, Tinsley reminds Dorinda that they “were actually friends at one point,” but she ultimately condemns her behavior that occurred during the season.

“I mean, the vile turkey baster comment,” Tinsley states. “When women who cannot get pregnant and the infertility is such a huge…”

Dorinda apologizes, saying she’s “sorry” about the comment, but she then goes on to express her various opinions about Tinsley’s situation.

“I’m surprised you’re not pregnant already! You’ve been talking about getting pregnant!” Dorinda says. This causes the other housewives to jump in and defend Tinsley, with Ramona saying how the comment “was not nice.”

“A turkey baster? That’s IVF, ok?” Tinsley snaps. “Andy’s baby was from IVF. Would you say the same thing to Andy?”

“I said I’m sorry I said that. I apologize,” Dorinda finally concedes. “It was a bad joke and I’m sorry.”

Tinsley, unwilling to accept the apology, scoffs that “it’s not a joke.”

“I thought it was mean,” Andy then weighs in.

RHONY Live Viewing – This is also a live viewing thread as the three-part Real Housewives of New York City season 12 reunion begins airing tonight at 9/8c on Bravo.

Photos Credit: Sara De Boer/, JOHN NACION/

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Garcelle Beauvais Talks ‘Concern’ About Returning to RHOBH After Denise’s Exit and Lisa Rinna’s “Threat,” Responds to Kyle Richards’ Claim That She Used Her for a Storyline

50 mins agoSeptember 10, 20208


Garcelle Beauvais appeared on the September 10 episode of SiriusXM’s The Jenny McCarthy Show, where she reacted to Denise Richards‘ recent exit from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Less than 24 hours after Denise confirmed she would not be back for season 11, Garcelle admitted she wasn’t surprised by the news before addressing her own future with the show and combating recent rumors suggesting she created a fake feud with Kyle Richards in an effort to secure a storyline on the show.

“I’m not surprised with the way things went,” Garcelle said of the news of Denise’s departure. “This was a really hard season for her and I think when you’re being constantly talked about, it could affect your marriage, it could affect your kids. I think that’s where she was coming from. I think she’s just had enough.”

According to Garcelle, she was unaware of a potential plot against Denise but said Denise told her that she was tipped off about a potential takedown before filming began last summer.

“That’s what she says. And that’s what I want to believe. And actually Lisa Rinna [told me] the second season is usually when things happen,” Garcelle recalled, adding that Lisa also confirmed that her statement was a “threat.”

Because she’s been warned, Garcelle is a bit worried about returning to RHOBH for a second season.

“It concerns me, absolutely. I’m still human,” she explained.

In addition to being at odds with Lisa, Garcelle is also not on good terms with Kyle, who recently accused her of failing to give their friendship a chance.

“I gave everybody a chance,” Garcelle insisted. “My thing with Kyle is when there was an important topic, when she called us all fake a** b**hes, I was like, ‘What have I done? Tell me.’ And she’s like, ‘No, I don’t want to tell you.’ And I think that that’s when it [was] important for her to hear my voice [and] I felt like she did not hear my voice or care to hear what I was saying.”

As for Kyle’s recent suggestion that she used her for a storyline, Garcelle said that no one goes into the show with a storyline in mind.

“If that were the case, then Kyle used Denise as a storyline. Do you know what I mean? You don’t plot out a storyline. You go and you hang out with people. You may like them. You may not like them. There might be a disagreement, but there’s no such thing as I’m creating a storyline because we all go in it with a blank slate,” she explained.

Photos Credit: Milla Cochran/, MEGA, Kathy Hutchins/

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RHOBH’s Camille Grammer Shades Andy Cohen for Having “Favorites” and Suggests Kyle is One, Slams Brandi for “Trash” Interview on WWHL and Reacts to Denise Quitting

2 hours agoSeptember 10, 202020


Camille Grammer took to her Twitter page amid the airing of the second installment of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion on September 10.

In addition to sharing her thoughts on Andy Cohen and his supposed favoritism on the series, Camille reacted to Brandi Glanville‘s interview on Watch What Happens Live and addressed Denise Richards‘ exit from the show, which came just hours before the latest episode aired.

“Why does Andy not take on [Kyle Richards] about her saying that Brandi never lies?” a fan asked on Twitter, along with a message outlining the past potential lies of Brandi.

“[Cause] Andy loves her,” a second fan replied.

After seeing the conversation, Camille weighed in by accusing Andy of favoring Kyle over other members of RHOBH.

“He has his favorites,” Camille alleged.

Camille then reacted to a snippet from Brandi’s WWHL interview, which featured Brandi maintaining that she is not lying about her claims of an affair with Denise.

“I’m not lying. My issue with Denise is my issue with Denise. I think some of the other girls had their own issue but they piled my issue onto theirs, which I was not a part of their issue. So now when I watch it, I kind of feel sorry for her because I didn’t really know that all of that was happening. However, she’s f*cking lying,” Brandi stated.

In response, Camille tweeted, “This is trash!”

Also on Twitter, Camille was seen reacting to a fan who suspected Denise walked away from RHOBH because she had been “caught in so many lies” and was “embarrassed.”

“The lies weren’t needed,” the person stated.

However, according to Camille, Denise never lied on the show.

“She told the truth,” Camille replied.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 10 reunion concludes next Wednesday, September 16, at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

Photos Credit: DFree/, DARA KUSHNER/, Michael Simon/, Milla Cochran/

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Brandi Glanville Shares the Supportive Message Heather Locklear Sent Her and Claims Denise Also Sent Heather a Cease and Desist Letter, Reveals Which RHOBH Co-Star She’d Hook Up With and More Details About Alleged Affair

4 hours agoSeptember 10, 2020107


Brandi Glanville opened up about her rumored affair with Denise Richards during the September 9 episode of Watch What Happens Live, and as per the usual, she did not hold back.

In addition to telling host Andy Cohen that she was recently contacted by Denise’s former friend, Heather Locklear, who told her she too had received a letter of cease and desist from Denise, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star opened up about her alleged first make-out with Denise and revealed how many times they reportedly hooked up.

“Heather just reached out to me and said ‘Thank you’ with a bunch of hearts and prayers,” Brandi revealed. “It just made me feel like I was probably bringing this side of Denise out for everyone to see and I wrote back, ‘Of course. The truth always comes out,’ and she wrote a bunch more hearts.”

At that point, Brandi attempted to convince Heather to appear alongside her on WWHL, but she declined, citing a past legal threat from Denise, who once made headlines for engaging in an inappropriate relationship with Heather’s former husband, Richie Sambora.

“I said, ‘Hey, you should be on Watch What Happens Live with me,’ and she said, ‘I’ve already had a cease and desist from Denise so I’m not going to do it,’” Brandi explained.

During another segment of the show, Brandi spoke about her motivation for going public with her claims against Denise.

“My off-camera life is the same as my on-camera life. So if I’m talking about it off-camera, I come on camera [and] I’m talking about it on-camera. And, I was a little bit pissed at her,” Brandi told Andy.

As for why Denise denied being close to her, Brandi said the two of them were definitely “more than friends” before accusing Denise of being “confused” and constantly contradicting herself.

Because of Denise’s denials regarding her relationship with Brandi, many members of the RHOBH cast sided with Brandi, including Denise’s former friend of 20 years, Lisa Rinna.

“I think that Rinna is a truth-seeker and they all know, I might be an a**hole, but I do tell the truth,” Brandi said in response to Lisa opting to believe her over Denise. “Look at everything I’ve done in the past, it’s all [a**hole-ish] but truthful.”

After first telling her castmates that she and Denise hooked up in 2019 on the show, Brandi confirmed to Andy that she actually had two separate experiences with the actress.

“The first night I met Denise, we made out in the bathroom,” Brandi shared. “She asked to see my t*ts because she said she had to get her boobs redone. We went into the restroom, she threw me against the wall and we were making out. We were wasted and it was fun. Then she invited me away to her set and we f*cked and that was it.”

Although Denise claimed Brandi told her she also slept with another member of the cast, Brandi denied that completely.

“I think they’re all beautiful. But [it] never happened, never came out of my mouth. It’s just blatant lies,” she said of her co-star’s statements. “It would have to be Rinna or Kyle and it wasn’t either of them.”

“And, if I could choose, I would pick [Erika Jayne],” Brandi added.

Photos Credit: Media Punch/, Hahn Lionel/ABACA USA/, Sara De Boer/

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Kris Jenner Reportedly “Intrigued” About Possibly Joining RHOBH as Andy Cohen Weighs In, Revealing the Mixed Reaction From Fans

6 hours agoSeptember 10, 202082


Amid the cancellation of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and the departure of Denise Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, requests are apparently pouring in for Kris Jenner to join the RHOBH cast for next season. However, other fans of the show don’t believe she would be a good fit.

Now, insider sources are speaking out about the idea, enticing fans even further. Both KUWTK and the RHOBH are part of the NBC Universal family, making the jump not too far-fetched. But does Kris, who’s been a reality TV mainstay for 14 years while on her family’s show, even want to consider becoming a housewife?

“Kris seems intrigued by the show and hasn’t dismissed joining it,” a source told PEOPLE on September 9.

Another source previously told Entertainment Tonight that the momager was not actually interested in joining the RHOBH. The source claimed the rumors around her potential casting were “not true.”

While sources report different things, Watch What Happens Live host and housewives exec Andy Cohen also weighed in on the idea, speaking on his SiriusXM Radio Andy show on Wednesday.

“I want to talk about Kris Jenner. It was announced yesterday … that next year will be [the family’s] last year on Keeping Up with the Kardashians after 20-something seasons,” he said. “I got SO MANY [direct messages] and tweets saying, ‘Kris should join the housewives, she’s great friends with Kyle [Richards], this should happen, make it happen.’”

The radio host also then noted that after he tweeted he would be talking about it on the show, he subsequently received tweets from fans who were adamant that Kris would actually not be a good fit for the RHOBH.

“And then I tweeted that I would be talking about it on the radio today and I got a whole bunch of tweets saying, ‘Don’t do it,’ ” stated Andy. “It’s so interesting to me now.”

RHOBH fans witnessed Kris’ appearance at longtime pal Kyle’s charity party during a season 10 episode of the show, where she generously donated $25,000 to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Kyle has also spoken about her and Kris’ long-standing friendship before, noting to PEOPLE in 2019 how they’ve “known each other a long time.” She said that she even has photos of Kris at her daughter Alexia‘s baby shower (Alexia is now 24 years old).

“Kris is an incredible friend,” Kyle said at the time. “She is unbelievably supportive. For someone who has so much going on in her life, she never forgets anything.”

Photos Credit: Featureflash Photo Agency/, Tom Rose/

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PHOTOS: Brielle Biermann Says She Doesn’t Miss Her “Big A– Lips” in Throwback Photo, Plus the Don’t Be Tardy Star Poses in Skimpy Yellow Bikini in “Spicy” Shot

6 hours agoSeptember 10, 202023


Brielle Biermann shared some throwback photos recently of her old lips. The Don’t Be Tardy star has been known for her lip fillers, but it seems she’s undergone a recent change of heart.

In her Instagram Story from earlier this month, the reality star shared a video from October 17, 2019, with her infamous plump pout.

“Don’t miss those big a– lips tho,” she wrote over the photo.

She then shared another shot from January of this year, detailing her recently dissolved lip fillers.

“Small lips by the best @dr.thuydoan,” she wrote over that image, tagging her doctor, Dr. Thuy Doan, reported Life & Style.

Brielle (and mom Kim Zolciak-Biermann) isn’t afraid of a little plastic surgery, as her fans rightly know. The 23-year-old has spoken about her regret, though, about her past decisions to alter her appearance.

“[To] my friends, I’m like, ‘You guys are terrible. Why did you not tell me that my lips looked crazy?’” she told Us Weekly in May, revealing that she was “over the big lips” and is “done looking like that.”

However, Brielle did share that she’s not completely over puckering her pout, and she is seeing her trusted doctor to receive some injections for the perfect shape.

“I love how Dr. Doan does the shape and I still want to go to L.A. and get it filled a little by my guy, but just a little bit, just so I get the pout and the plumpness that I want, but I don’t want to overdo anything,” she said at the time.

Brielle might be toning it down with the lips, but she never tones it down with her racy bikini shots. She shared a new photo series of herself in the ocean on her Instagram over the weekend.

“Spicy know she spicy🌶wet wet like a pisces♓️😈🐠,” the cosmetics entrepreneur wrote in her caption, commenting on the sultry nature of the shot while shouting out her astrological sign, Pisces.

View this post on Instagram

spicy know she spicy🌶wet wet like a pisces♓️😈🐠

A post shared by brielle (@briellebiermann) on Sep 5, 2020 at 9:18am PDT

Brielle was showing off the swimwear from Amore + Sorvete in this photo, but she’s also shared numerous shots to her Instagram from mom Kim’s new swimwear line, Salty K Swim.

Photo Credit: Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

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Erika Jayne Reacts to Denise Leaving the RHOBH With Shady “Bye” GIF on Twitter as Garcelle Beauvais Shares a Cryptic Post on Instagram That Has Fans Convinced She’s Also Quitting Show

7 hours agoSeptember 10, 2020188


Erika Jayne and Garcelle Beauvais reacted to Denise Richards‘ sudden exit from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on social media shortly after the news was confirmed on September 10. However, they did so in very different manners.

On Twitter, after Denise revealed she was leaving the show after just two seasons, Erika posted a shady GIF on Twitter as Garcelle posted a cryptic message on her Instagram page and quickly sparked rumors of her own potential exit from the Bravo reality series.

“Bye,” Erika wrote, along with a waving hand emoji and a GIF of a boy slamming the door on a little girl.

Bye 👋🏻

— Erika Jayne (@erikajayne) September 10, 2020

Following Erika’s tweet, a couple of fans agreed with her sentiment.

“My feelings as well,” one person wrote.

“At least some good news during 2020,” said a second.

Meanwhile, others accused Erika and other members of the RHOBH cast of bullying Denise “off of the show” as a third fan told her she will have to “pick a new target” for season 11.

Around the time of Erika’s shady post, co-star Garcelle broke her silence on Instagram, telling her fans and followers, “Things just got interesting,” with a message regarding a “plot twist.”

View this post on Instagram

#plottwist Things just got interesting…

A post shared by Garcelle Beauvais (@garcelle) on Sep 9, 2020 at 5:33pm PDT

In response to Garcelle’s post, Instagram users flooded her comments section with concerned messages.

“Garcelle you cannot do this to us. My heart can’t take it,” one fan told her.

“Look let’s talk this through—what will it take. The fans will make demands on your behalf, JUST TELL US WHAT TO DO,” another begged.

“Please don’t leave,” shared a third fan.

As RHOBH fans may recall, Garcelle recently said that she and Denise had a pact regarding their futures with the show.

“I hope [Denise comes back]. We talked about that yesterday and I said, ‘I hope so.’ She’s like, ‘If you don’t come back, I’m not coming back.’ I’m like, ‘If you don’t come back, I’m not coming back,’” Garcelle revealed on SiriusXM’s Entertainment Weekly Live.

Photos Credit: Nancy Rivera/Bauergriffin/MEGA, Joe Seer/, Milla Cochran/

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RHOBH Reunion Recap: Kyle Talks Feeling Attacked by Cast and Hashes Out Feud With Dorit, Plus Denise Clarifies Relationship With Brandi

8 hours agoSeptember 10, 2020230


“Is the cover-up worse than the crime?” The jury is still out on that, but the attacks just keep coming on part two of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion.

At the start of part two, the women are getting their makeup touched up and calling for their homes to be warmer. You know, like the true extra ladies they are. That’s why I am LOVING Denise grabbing her Lay’s potato chips. Now THAT’S reality television #agirlsgottaeat.

It’s incredible watching Kyle’s season in review, particularly because she has referred to the crew as “a group of fake a*s b*tches.” Kyle just felt soooo under attack while filming and tries to explain her feelings to Andy. One of the biggest gripes with the women is that Kyle refuses to admit she is closer with Teddi than the others. I die when Garcelle states, “It’s so blatant. Even Stevie Wonder can see it.” How did I miss that gem the first time around?

Kyle explains that she was just so tired from all of her work (that she’s finally getting) and she was trying to balance it all. Therefore, she did not appreciate Dorit strolling into Teddi’s lame accountability camp late and fully glammed up. Translation: Kyle was JEALOUS that Dorit was all dolled up and she didn’t have the opportunity to do so. What is happening here is a classic case of jealousy.

When Dorit jumps into the ring, it is very clear that there seems to be a lot of attacking going on.  First Kyle was doing the fighting, but now it’s Dorit. Dorit doesn’t let up on Kyle when the “I have a life” comment resurfaces. Dorit keeps the pressure on Kyle, much like a dog holding onto its bone. Obviously, Kyle can’t take the heat and tries to change gears. Kyle states that Dorit has been coming at her all season long. Cry me a river.

OF COURSE Teddi interjects and tries to defend her friend, Kyle. But alas, Dorit won’t let Kyle off the hook. She is demanding that Kyle acknowledge the fact that she is more friends with Teddi than anyone else. Kyle feels like her back’s against the wall, so she eventually admits that she is closest with Teddi. Why this matters to Dorit is beyond me, but she finally got her answer!

It’s hilarious that the constant competition between Dorit and Kyle has finally reached a breaking point. The back and forth is becoming exhausting. It really hits a new level, though, when Kyle talks about Dorit’s “hurtful” confessionals. Kyle hates how Dorit talked so much crap about her designs. When Garcelle attempts to interject, Dorit makes it clear that this fight is between her and Kyle only.

Dorit says, “Kyle, this is very important because you are very important to me.” These women behave like 12-year-olds. When Andy asks if they are speaking, Kyle shakes her head no to the camera. The drama!! The only person enjoying this back and forth is Garcelle — she just sits back and chuckles under her breath. Eventually, Dorit offers a very sincere apology to Kyle…yet Kyle simply accepts and does not return the apology. Typical.

RAGAMUFFIN: A term used to describe Denise Richards by Kyle. Because she is Denise, she couldn’t care less and calls Kyle’s bluff for her belated apology. Kyle ONLY apologized after the show aired and after she got some backlash. How convenient. Maybe Kyle should remember next time that she is, ya know, getting filmed. Perhaps she should watch what she says about other people.

Oh man, Rinna and Amelia. That girl is going through SOMETHING, but Rinna just keeps on doing her thang, even if posing nude and dancing in her underwear could potentially set off her daughter with the eating disorder. Garcelle’s comment about Rinna’s choice to behave in that manner while her daughter deals with her issues becomes the center of the conversation.

Rinna explains that what may be on Garcelle’s mind might not be on her *own* mind. Garcelle backs her comment by stating that Rinna is a great mother, but perhaps it should be something she would want to think about in the future. Leave it to Dorit to try and make this Garcelle comment something. She claims that the women were having a light-hearted conversation in Rome when Garcelle had to turn it dark by questioning Rinna’s mothering choices. Reminder: During that “light-hearted conversation” (Dorit’s words), Garcelle was talking about her kid’s addiction, so there’s that.

When Sutton calls Rinna’s dancing weird and Dorit tries to make Sutton look bad, Sutton retorts, “Well, Dorit, let’s make it into a bigger deal. Why don’t we do that?” Sutton is my hero. Update on Amelia: She’s doing well in her nearly $6,000.00 a month apartment and “making more money than everyone here” from modeling. I would like to see those receipts, Rinna.

And listen, Rinna — if you write a book, expect people to read it…and by people, I mean your daughters’ friends. The content of that book was bound to make its way to your kids, so don’t act surprised! OMG Denise’s face when Rinna says she loves attention. PRICELESS.

Teddi shares a little about baby Dove. Dove is going to have neurosurgery in two weeks to fix her issue and all the women express their support and care. The way Teddi was able to sway her husband to pick the name “Dove” was by telling him that the baby would have her own emoji?! These people… Seems like all the housewives forgot Teddi was pregnant this season, and that’s ok because sometimes I forget about Teddi altogether. I mean, even her season montage was a snooze. When Teddi isn’t stirring the pot, there’s not much to her.

Wow. Denise’s face during the Brandi segment is a mix of smugness and anger. I can’t tell if she is giving us a poker face or trying her hardest not to freak the f*ck out on these women. Denise doesn’t even flinch re-watching the scene when Teddi comes out with the rumor about her alleged hook up with Brandi. Denise states that she “has the balls” to come to the reunion and sit there, as per Rinna’s request. Boom.

Denise claims that her text messages with Brandi were surface. Andy attempts to make Denise eat her own words by showing a clip from BravoCon last year, but he misses the mark. Hey, Andy, there is a difference between friendly and being a friend. He has been around these housewives for too long…he’s starting to think like them now!

Rinna keeps demanding, “Denise, you can’t keep lying.” When the back and forth about Denise and Brandi becomes too much for these dopes to handle, they begin asking where Brandi is. I am here for Denise reminding Rinna that Brandi is not a part of this show, so really, Brandi doesn’t belong at this reunion. Erika assumes that Denise has stopped Brandi from coming on, but Andy jumps in and shuts that down fast by explaining that Bravo has made the decision to stop Brandi from making an appearance. Essentially, Brandi has said it ALLLLLL, and really, what else is there for her to say?

Denise is perplexed by why she has to explain and defend herself. To that, Rinna retorts, “Well then you probably shouldn’t have done it.” Whoa, when did Rinna become the morality police? Kyle wants to get to the bottom of Denise’s claim that Brandi has slept with another of the housewives. She yells, “Raise your hand if you slept with Brandi Glanville!” (OMG, I think I saw Denise’s hand go up, but I am not 100% sure…!!)

Denise refuses to out the other woman who slept with Brandi, despite the prodding and pressure. The women have issues with Denise’s inability to be direct and honest, but really, Denise is dancing around the questions HARD. When Denise can’t figure out how to respond to the mob that is forming around here, she calls the women vicious. She’s not wrong. And she definitely has way more to say.


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